10 secret signs that indicate that he is going crazy

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10 secret signs that indicate that he is going crazy

Because there is nothing more terrifying than reaching out to someone who has no interest in you as you continue to lie that you will soon shoot something.

In fact, if you read the body language carefully, you will surely know whether or not someone wants something more.

Aside from touching your hair or biting your lips, here's the thing:

He has given you three views on the series in a very short time

The first glance is 'seeing the stranger' – he is looking at you because you are a human being standing in his radius of vision. He looks at you again because he noticed that you are a woman. Now be careful, if you like, he will see you again.

Lift up your socks

We are not inventing this. Whether lifting your socks, or adjusting them in your presence, he is almost 100% sure he is trying his best and is interested.

His hands are guided by the genitalia

If you place your hands on your waist with your fingers towards your genitalia, you are unconsciously inviting you to see you too. It will even stand with your legs open to give you a better view of 'you know what'. Let's hope there will be clothes to wear this time.

He sets his feet towards you

If anyone finds us attractive, every one of our limbs, hands or feet, is directed by them. When you see a group of men and a seductive female in the future, study carefully the direction of their limbs.

Touch your face often, all the more when he sees you

If it is really good for you, it will affect your cheeks, ears and beard. It's a combination of nervous emotions, good looks and erotic touches.

His eyes move triangularly

When we see people we are not close to, our eyes make zigzag movements: we look from one eye to another, then move down to look at the nose and mouth. As soon as we start flirting, the triangle zooms in. We spend more time looking at our lips, chest, or even just below. After all, he can't control his eyesight.

It can't stop your mouth first

The more attracted you are, the more time you spend looking at your lips as you speak. It's a very sexy gesture because it makes you think: Are you imagining what it would be like to kiss me? And that's exactly what she's thinking. Among many other things…

Wash your eyes very often

If anyone likes you it will start to close your eyes unconsciously. Do the same and you will see that he will try to synchronize his blows with yours, writes Anabel. This will connect you even more together.

He has placed you with a shoulder against a wall

This is called 'blocking', you are using your body to create an intimate space and to set boundaries between you and others. They often block by placing one hand on the wall, embarrassing you between its wings, or close its head to yours to be closer to a room with people. Ahh how beautiful love is!

He continues to tighten the bottle or can of beer

When men are sexually attracted to someone, they start playing around with circumstance. These tools like the water bottle can remind your chest, and everything else is what grinds inside his perverse mind.

10 secret signs that indicate that he is going crazy

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