Dangerous virus spreads from China: More dead, second case reported in US

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Dangerous virus spreads from China: More dead, second case reported in US

The number of people infected with a new type of coronavirus in central China has climbed to more than 800, and 26 have died.

At the same time, the Chinese province of Hubei, in which the virus appeared, sought greater financial assistance from state authorities. So far, public transport has been suspended in 10 cities in Hubei province.

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The city of Wuhan has accelerated the construction of a new hospital with a thousand beds for the sick, mobilizing mechanization from private individuals.

The new virus belongs to a group of viruses that caused SARS, a disease that killed 800 people around the world 17 years ago and has also spread from China.


20:23 French authorities say two cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the country, the first occurrence of that strain of the virus in Europe, AFP reports.

19:00 A British university has warned Chinese students that if they travel to China to celebrate the New Year, they may spend some time in quarantine on their return to the UK.

Chester University published this guidance before Chinese authorities imposed travel restrictions.

17:45 The Scottish Government confirmed this afternoon that results in two out of five patients tested in Scotland were negative for coronavirus.

17:20 Suizhou is the 11th city of the Chinese province of Hubei, with some restrictions placed on traffic due to coronaviruses.

Traffic is partially or totally suspended in these Chinese cities: Wuhan, Ezhou, Huanggang, Chibi, Xiantao, Zhijiang, Qianjjiang, Huangshi, Xianning, Yichang and Suizhou.

16:35 A second case of coronavirus infection has been identified in the United States, according to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is a Chicago patient in her 60s. He is currently in an isolation room at a city hospital. She returned from Wuhan to Chicago on January 13th. Since she was not ill during the trip, health authorities believe she could not infect others at the time. On her return to Chicago, she had a limited number of contacts with acquaintances and family members.

She is in good health and is recovering.

16:20 In 14 people tested for coronavirus infection in Britain, the results were negative, British authorities said.

15:55 A number of military doctors have been sent to Wuhan by Chinese authorities to help combat the coronavirus epidemic.

About 40 medical officers from the city's military hospital have already begun work in the intensive care unit of the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital.

15:40 A spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) said today that the number of coronavirus-infected people in China is likely to continue to increase.

“The focus is not so much on the numbers, which we know will increase. But it is too early to conclude how dangerous the virus really is,” said Tarik Jasarevic, a WHO spokesman.

15:30 US Secretary of State has ordered its non-emergency personnel to leave the Hubei province due to a virus outbreak.

It also increased the risk of traveling to the area from third to fourth levels. It said it would not travel to that province because “the US government has limited ability to provide emergency medical services to US citizens in Hubei province.”

Recall that the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MVEP) has issued a warning on its website for a trip to China, which recommends caution and more detailed information before traveling to that country.

“On December 31, 2019, Chinese authorities announced the news of a number of viral pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, caused by a new type of virus coronas. The patients have symptoms of fever, shortness of breath and have been diagnosed with viral pneumonia. cases of new patients in various parts of the PRC, but also in the world, mainly in persons who have recently visited or come in contact with such persons.

Local authorities in Wuhan have made a recommendation not to leave the city for no particular reason, leaving airports and train stations for departures, and suspending public transport. Preventive measures have been introduced throughout the PRC to prevent the spread of the virus; therefore, it is recommended that the usual measures for reducing the risk of respiratory diseases be strictly followed, and that the Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization be informed of the state of the spread of the virus and the preventive measures to be taken, it is a new type of virus and new information is being found every day, it says on the pages, “the MVEP website writes.

15:20 British Health Minister Matt Hancock addressed the public after chairing a meeting of the British Government's Emergency Committee to discuss the risk of the virus and possible infections in the country.

“The risk of contagion to the public remains low,” he said, adding that a detailed announcement would follow shortly.

15:10 Chinese hospitals at the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic are so overcrowded with patients that they have asked citizens to donate medical supplies or bring their own supplies.

15:07 US withdraws its diplomats from Wuhan, the city where the epidemic started.

15:05 The fifth infection case in Thailand has been confirmed.

14:56 As reported by the Guardian, calls for ban on the sale and consumption of wild animals such as bats are spreading on social networks in China, as it is possible that the coronavirus originated from a market where wild animals were marketed.

14:45 According to the Guardian, after analysis in the UK, health officials have found that there are no infected in the country.

No confirmed cases of Wuhan coronavirus have been detected in the UK and the risk to the UK population is low. If you have traveled to the affected area, make sure you know what to do if you experience symptoms: https://t.co/vvIWp72flo pic.twitter.com/hzV5A3dy4f

– Public Health England (@PHE_uk) January 24, 2020

The national stadium in Beijing known as the Bird's Nest has also been closed, Reuters reports.

2:30 PM AP reports that more and more airports are screening passengers on arrival from China. These include Qatar and Kuwait airports.

13:58 The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday announced that it is too early to declare an international emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic in China.

Cases of infection with this virus have been identified outside China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the US. There is a great possibility that there are infected in the UK as well. The latest country on that list is Nepal.

China has confirmed 26 deaths from coronavirus.

13:52 A case of coronavirus infection has also been reported in Nepal. It is the first case in that country, and it is about a student who returned from Wuhan.

A Nepalese student returning from China is positive for the new coronavirus, officials in Kathmandu said today, and this is the first confirmed case of the virus in this Himalayan nation.

“One patient tested positive for coronavirus. This is a Nepalese student studying in China, ”Mahendra Shresta, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told Reuters.

The student returned home from a vacation in Wuhan, China, the Ministry of Health said. It is under surveillance and is being checked by those who have been in close contact with it.

1:30 PM In Wuhan, a city in central China where the infection last month, stockpiles began to run out, with hospitals cluttered with traumatized people seeking treatment.

“There is so much news, so much information, every ten minutes new information comes out, it's scary, especially for people like us in the area that is most affected,” said Lily Jin, a 30-year-old resident of the city. “Even if you are not sick, you become paranoid that you will become ill.”

13:11 A special health group meets in the UK to discuss the risk of viruses and possible infections in the country.

12:30 Two more cases in Hong Kong have been confirmed. In total, four people are now infected in Hong Kong.

12:00 The Chinese Army has published a Handbook on the prevention of pneumonia and the control of new coronavirus infection. The media is encouraging people to read it and spread it on social networks.

Let a hundred vaccines bloom ..
China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) declares war on #coronoavirus pic.twitter.com/bWdTH6KGic

– Ben Quinn (@ BenQuinn75) January 24, 2020

11:35 Another case of coronavirus in Japan has been confirmed. The infected person arrived in Japan by plane. Hong Kong authorities are therefore now seeking all passengers and staff that summer to be screened.

11:30 Thailand confirms fifth case of coronavirus infection.

11:20 A disturbing recording from a Chinese hospital has been released. It shows dead bodies in one of the hospitals. We warn you that content is disturbing, you are viewing it at your own risk.

11:18 Two tourists are suspected of being infected in Finland who have returned from a trip from China. They are under special supervision.

11:14 am McDonald's is closing its restaurants in five cities in Hubei province.

11:10 Beijing government pleads with citizens returning from infected areas not to leave their homes for two weeks.

11:00 Parts of the Great Wall of China near Beijing are closed.

10:40 Flights to Moscow from the Chinese city of Wuhan have been suspended due to fears of the spread of coronaviruses.

CNN reports that 10 cities are under quarantine, covering over 30 million people. Ezhou, Huanggang, Chibi, Xiantao, Zhijiang, Qianjiang, Huangshi, Xianning, Yichang, and Wuhan are among them.

09:51 Dozens of workers have been sent to the site of a new hospital on the outskirts of Hubei.

The hospital is scheduled to be completed by February 3 and will have 1000 beds. She will specialize in coronavirus.

Read more

09:35 A 14-nation national research team has been set up in China to help prevent the spread and control of coronaviruses, Xinhua reports.

The team leader is respiratory scientist Zhong Nanshan who is one of the heroes in China for his role in the fight against SARS 2003.

09:20 Singapore has confirmed two more cases of virus infection.

09:11 A new hospital with a thousand beds infected with the virus is being installed in Wuhan, and authorities want it ready for work by Monday.

Ten cities in central Hubei have suspended part of their public transport, Hubei Daily reports on Friday. An estimated 37 million people are affected by travel bans.

09:00 In Beijing, 29 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed by noon today. Another 21 cases have been confirmed in Shanghai.

08:45 In the meantime, coronavirus infection is also affecting international markets. Investors are scared of the negative effects on the economy, as the Chinese New Year begins when millions of people travel and the virus may spread. In addition, the cancellation of Chinese New Year celebrations as well as travel bans has put pressure on airlines and hotel companies.

Beijing and Shanghai have introduced the highest degree of preparedness for a health threat to fight coronavirus, CGTN reports.

08:15 There are problems with the supply of respiratory protective masks in Hong Kong. Namely, the celebration of the Chinese New Year is approaching, and it is not certain that the city will be stocked with them because there is a shortage of masks.

Specifically, Hong Kong imports masks from China, Malaysia or Taiwan. China has suspended all exports of coronavirus masks, so supply of masks will be low.

07:53 Social media is spreading a video that allegedly shows a hospital in Wuhan. The hospital is crowded, there is a shout of masked people. Read more

07:52 Some important events have also been canceled due to the virus, especially since the Chinese New Year is coming.

Beijing's Forbidden City closed. Traditional Beijing fairs have been canceled, as well as an international carnival in Hong Kong.

The annual Hong Kong football tournament has been canceled, as well as all public Chinese New Year celebrations in Macau.

BBC reports 830 cases of coronavirus infection confirmed in China.

07:47 Jinzhou City has become the ninth quarantined city, AFP reports. All passengers are screened at the entrance to the underground and their temperature measured.

With the ban on entering this city, the quarantine spread to more than 30 million people.

07:40 Disneyland closes in Shanghai due to virus.

“We are temporarily closing down Shanghai Disneyland and Disney Town as part of epidemic prevention and control, and to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff,” the amusement park website reads.

07:30 Chinese authorities have released more detailed information on seven deaths. The youngest died, they found, a 36-year-old man named Lee. Li was hospitalized on January 9 after suffering from fever for three days. He died yesterday.

The youngest person to die after him was 48 years old.

Dangerous virus spreads from China: More dead, second case reported in US

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