Dirge from our lockup

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Dirge from our lockup

With Victor Akande


THE human ego is falling on its knee

Like a violent storm in the middle of the sea

How on earth do we make it still

When our masters are themselves ill

This pandemic defies the charisma of scientists

Two months down the line of these bestial antics

Uncertainty is the cloud that envelops our vision

Picketing the economic and social lives of great nations

And although we know the world is at war point

Our weaponry we know not where to point


We are angry and sober

We lament and are sombre

Here we mourn, here we grief

As death wins some after a sick so brief

Many more will have to suffer

Many more will die of hunger

Our fates hang in the balance

Even for them in the palace

Death is the ultimate fear that grips our jugular

The ultimate end that makes COVID-19 so popular


At the centre of the apocalyptic pandemonium

Is human’s wickedness from millenniums

Human’s ego that craves superpower

Human’s error that exposes the powers

Human’s transgression that calls for atonement

And human’s judgement that brings us to judgement

This great evil cannot be from the one who owns the universe

For it is clear from the divine law that karma is a case of vice versa

It is no longer a joke that many eggs have lost their yoke

And the glitz of New York is not like the days of yore


As the reality of time hits us in the face

It gets harder not to touch our face

The need to wash our hands

Rings a bell in our head

We cannot wash our hands

The number of times we use our hands

The distance from hand to mouth

Indicts us more than the gap from mob

Staying more at home makes more sense

For the risks won’t prey on you in your absence


Countries have shut borders to strangers

That there be no regrets of diplomatic dangers

Just as States now shut gates to countrymen

To curtail the spread of ominous maim

My countrymen take to the fashion

Not having the elements that make a perfect fusion

Now we dine with more hunger

As soldiers enforce their licensed anger

We are told to die of hunger at home

And not by a virus in a nursing home


The jamboree of Nigerian politics takes a new beat

Half a loaf for a million drumbeats

If we ever get out of this alive

Perhaps we’d use our head at polling hive

How we had long eaten our today

At the instance of yesterday’s voting pay

Now our conscience cries for a probe

As our faulty choice desecrates the throne

We know our leaders who know us not

We love our leaders who love themselves nuts


What do we gain from this marriage of imbalance

That holes us in solitary ambiance

We are near but yet so far

Our guts they often fear

Even our voice is hate speech

The voice of conscience that we pitch

Many a death confronts us at this end

We cannot wait for this to reach its wits’ end

The world is on lockdown

Ours is obviously a lockup


Leaders who love their people pay rents and take foods to their doorstep

For us, throwing crumbs to their goal post is for us another political step

In our selfish journey to 2023

Pray we live to see beyond 2023

For here is a new sheriff in town

He will not let the mighty seek refuge out of town

Now Warri is up in arms against its soldiers

Soldiers who should hold the people in their shoulders

There is a spoil for fight in other communities

With a rise from a frog jump to self-taken justice


I weep for Nigeria, my tears from eyes so hollow

Deep from the pains of yesterday, today and tomorrow

For the future of my children and children’s children

For the retirement and old age that I dread

For this suffering in the midst of plenty

For a solution that is so empty

For we move far and far from the right foundation

For what looks like the agony of terminally ill nation

As great nations are held in momentary cry

I know not when my monumental tears will dry

Dirge from our lockup

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