‘Entertainers are liable to suffer mental problem’

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‘Entertainers are liable to suffer mental problem’

An expert has said that entertainers are three times more likely to experience a mental health problem, at a rate of approximately 36,000 people per year.

Entertainment Assist, an Australian-based support hub claimed that 5 Australian entertainment industry workers attempt suicide every week.

“In the last 12 months, musicians, road crew, artist managers experience suicide ideation almost 9 times more than the general population. Rates of suicide ideation, planning and attempts are extremely high and indicate a need for early intervention programmes tailored to the industry.”

Consequently, the Nigerian entertainment industry, this year, has witnessed several cases of suicide attempt by celebrities.

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Harrysong, recently took to Instagram and spoke on how he should be celebrated whenever he passes on.

Harrysong urged his fans not to cry when he dies, but rather celebrates with a concert.

“Don’t cry (when) I die; celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert; empower more youths… I have lived. I have done my bit, carry on in grace… TEKERO I LOVE YOU ALL.#altersoldier.”

His post, however, generated a lot of reactions as fans and followers presumed it was a sign of depression, which might lead the singer to suicide option.

Recall that earlier this year, popular Nigerian disc jockey, Seun Omogaji, aka DJ XGee, shared a suicide note on Instagram before he took his life by gulping an insecticide, ‘Sniper’.

DJ Xgee bid his family farewell and urged friends to wear white to his funeral instead of black.

“Okay, there is a twist to this last respect people give to their loved ones when gone. Black as sign of sadness, but in my case please rock white because I love this colour so much,” he said.

However, friends close to him claimed he had lamented the marital crisis he was facing and felt the best way to overcome the emotional trauma was to take his life.

To end this menace, a symposium was held in Lagos, on Tuesday, September 10, to marked the World Suicide Prevention Day – an annual awareness day to provide worldwide commitment and action to preventing suicides. Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are the leading contributors to suicide globally and music has been medically proven to help with these issues.

The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC), Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Prof. Wasiu Adeyemo, said that the increasing cases of suicide in Nigeria is worrisome.

Adeyemo opined that the social media have increased the awareness level of suicide cases in the country, adding that the phenomenon needs to be curtailed.

Also, a consultant psychiatrist, Kafayat Ogunsola, said mental disorder accounts for 90 per cent of rampant suicide cases in Nigeria saying, “ we need to understand why people are committing suicide and we need to understand the gender that commits it more, and were the reasons are, the relationship, mental disorder and that is what we have been able to analyse in our research.”

‘Entertainers are liable to suffer mental problem’

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