Find out what your sexual personality is

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Find out what your sexual personality is

You probably know that psychologists divide people into different personality types. But did you know you also have a sexual personality?

Clinical psychologist Dr Britney Blair, of Stanford University School of Medicine in the United States, says we all fall into one of 12 categories, for example, you can be an adventurer or muse, reports the Daily Mail, transmits .

Dr Blair has drawn on clinical experience for more than a decade to create dozens of her types, and says your learning can help you understand your preferences, and problems in the bedroom, ultimately transforming your sex life. .

“Like your overall personality, your sexual personality is a mix of nature and food, evolving in part from the traits you were born with, combined with the experiences you have, and the cultural and religious influences,” she says.

Her new sexual personality test is available through a 'Lover' app, released this week. It is based on the respected Myers-Briggs personality test methodology, which ranks people in 16 groups and is routinely used in offices to help employers understand and motivate their workforce.

Dr Blair says you can use her 12 categories to make a profound difference in how you communicate with your partner.

The most popular types of profiles for women are sovereign, adventurer and sensualist. But in the UK, the most common profile is museums, a charismatic lover who tends to be better at taking than giving in to bed, and it is men who are more likely to fall into this category.

Couples often struggle for changes in their sexual personality that prevent their needs from being met. But if you and your partner have very different profiles, that doesn't mean you are incompatible, you just have different strengths and you have to work on these together, ”says Dr Blair.

“I've worked in sexual health for over a decade and have never worked with a couple who have the same amount of libido. There is always a discrepancy. “

She adds: “Women are also more difficult to innovate than men, so their desire may fall into long-term relationships. Knowing your sexual personality can help you learn your ways to wake up, nourish your sexual desire and increase your erotic relationship with your partner. “

The profiles are based on eight different sex-related traits. For example, how open are you to new experiences? How sensual are you? Are you more about partner or physical pleasure?

The complete test relies on a complex online algorithm. But you can get a good idea of ​​your type by reading about the preferences of each category below, then read on for tips on how to enhance your sex life.

Read on to find out which type of sexual personality suits you best, and how to use it to relax your sex life.


This is if: You are sexually active in unusual places and quickly get bored of a routine.

How to Increase Your Sex Life: As an emotion-seeker, you can find yourself prioritizing pleasure for a deeper connection. Try taking a moment before taking action when it comes to sex. Consider the long-term outcome.


This is if: You prefer to give pleasure and see your partner's response to receive it.

How to enhance your sex life: You can be a chameleon, taking on the same preferences as your partner. But it is important to bring your desires to the table. Masturbation can be a powerful tool to help you design what you want.


You enjoy intense sex with your partner but will feel nervous about casual sex.

How to enhance your sex life: Understand that you are prone to boredom in a long-term relationship. Accept it and look for imaginative solutions, which may include things sprinkled with sex roles or games.

The convicted

You want comfort, and you need to feel close to your partner to enjoy sex. But in the right conditions you can be seductive and sensual. You quickly leave the relationship if you think the other person is not in it for a long time. Some may call you a voter.

How to increase your sex life: Try not to be too careful. Don't let your fear of rejection or judgment keep you in bed. Make time for yourself and explore your desires and fantasies. Learn to ask for what you want with lovers, as your partner may miss your nonverbal cues.


You love being tired of chocolates, hearts and flowers, but find conversations about shocking wild sex.

How to Increase Your Sexual Life: Don't be pressured to rush things, but when making a commitment, don't let your love for the routine stop trying something new. Experiment with new erotic or erotic positions to soften things gently.


You like to seduce and avoid risks.

Reserved of course, you are an attentive lover who is happiest in a loving relationship. You will not go to bed with anyone. You are well-balanced sexually, you are enjoying taking pleasure as well as giving your partner what they want.

How to increase your sex life: Your natural tendency is to move away from new sexual activities as dangerous, but sometimes it is best to try new things. You tend to be on the quiet side during sex and may not articulate your desires clearly. Try talking up and asking your partner what they want.


You flirt with everyone and get bored of waiting too long for sex with a new partner.

How to Increase Your Sexual Life: You find dated nights and want to move on to the bedroom, which means sometimes acting before you think. Try to use your judgment to evaluate situations and people. Are you really enjoying that new person, or are you just responding to boredom?


You get an emotion from reading erotica but only enjoy sex if there is a mental connection.

You are very cerebral, with a creative imagination and your mind is a primary sexual organ for you. You don't have to wait for a partner to enjoy yourself, or you can enjoy yourself easily.

How to enhance your sex life: Try to move out of your mind and into your physical body. Practicing the mind can help. Innovation is great, but make sure you take the time to build an emotional connection with your partner.


Faithful and patient, you know what you want romantically and will make your partner feel safe and connected.

Falling in love and staying in love is a big part of your sexual experience. But because you are a clear communicator, you are never afraid to talk about sex.

How to Increase Your Sexual Life: Stop having sex. Close your eyes and notice the feelings you feel when touching or pleasing your partner. Determine your body's reactions to sexual stimuli.


You get energized by admiration, but quickly tire of any unnecessary pillow talk.

Nothing excites you more than trying to please you. For you, intimacy and connection are about acceptance.

How to enhance your sex life: Try to remember that your partner also needs. Creating and witnessing sexual arousal at your partner is one of the strongest twists, so remember. Take a step back and think about what interrupts you, analyze as well as enjoy.


You like to play energy in the bedroom as long as you're on top. You find it hard to let go and give in to your feelings.

How to enhance your sex life: Remember to allow your partner to take on the responsibility sometimes to explore new ways of making love. And try to think less and feel more during sex. Why not consider letting your partner take the lead while focusing on making a difference?


You need immediate chemistry to feel awake, but find it hard to talk about your desires.

How to enhance your sex life: Sometimes you can lose at this moment at the cost of your partner's satisfaction. Try to focus on them from time to time, learn what lights them up. Not everyone is good at body language like you, so try to communicate your desires verbally as well. Don't expect them to read your mind. And let your lover introduce you to new things.

Find out what your sexual personality is

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