Former musician, Asahn Guyton unveils success story in a book

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Former musician, Asahn Guyton unveils success story in a book

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For good part of ten years, Asahn Guyton, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of South Park Management LLC, a real estate investment company based in US pursued a dream of becoming a successful musician.

He was actually on his way and things were looking pretty good until he was found in the middle of the sea without a paddle. His manager, a childhood friend who shared the same aspirations with him left him high and dry.

Though Guyton who pulled the plug but truth is, they don’t see eye to eye anymore even though both have gone ahead to make success of their lives.

Guyton, who went by the stage name Hen-Roq, had a measure of success as a hip hop recording artiste but when the hammer came he looked elsewhere and inward to another pursuit in life. And how he had made a success of his life he has encapsulated in a book tilted “A Kid From South Park”

“Growing up I always knew I wanted to be something. I wasn’t sure exactly what that something was, I just knew I didn’t want to be nothing. Doing music as first passion as a teenager was my first step to entrepreneurship . And as I got older I witnessed the freedom of being paid for something that I loved to do. And that felt amazing,” he said.

After the botched music career, Guyton decided to take life headlong and the result is a successful career as a serial entrepreneur.

He said: “Well, I believe my calling found me. I was just going through that journey they call life and ended up being very successful at it. Which nothing about it came easy. I’ve lost friends on this journey. I’ve lost family on this journey. I’ve even lost myself once or twice. But no matter what, I didn’t quit, and I believe that’s the testament to where I’m standing at today. All those things only made me stronger. I didn’t make it out unscathed, and I’m proud of it.

He added, “Life is not about trying to be like other people from your neighborhood. Life is not about complaining of how unlucky you are, or whining about your humble upbringing. There is always a starting point for everyone and everything in life. If you do not realize that you are a major determinant of your destiny, you may keep waiting for someone or some luck to happen.

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“This is one of the biggest mistakes people make almost every time. They think that success is largely dependent on some person out there, a Good Samaritan that can give them a sense of direction in life. Sadly, we don’t realize that we are born with different potentials but equal opportunities. No one has more than twenty-four hours per day, and no one has more than one brain. We have similar anatomy and no one is made of steel or silver and gold. We have the same flesh and blood despite our different geographical locations. The only difference is our mindset and determination to become successful entrepreneurs.”

On why he decided to write the book, he said, “ A few reasons, one I just fell like it was important to share my story so anyone who may be going through some of the same things I struggled with earlier on in my journey can know that they too can make it out. They too, can change. They too have hope, even if society turned their backs on them. Also, I just wanted to explain in depth my path to entrepreneurship. It’s not a blueprint, but it’s what has worked for me. And I’d like to think if it worked for me, it can for you as well.”

Asahn Guyton was born May 28, 1983. He is an American entrepreneur, real estate investor, multi business owner and now an author. While securing both passive, and multiple streams of income, his continued mission is a promise to encourage and empower others to share their gifts with the world.

Prior to founding South Park Management in 2014, Asahn worked in the entertainment business for well over a decade. Between music and film, behind and in front of the camera, he learned a great deal of experience that he still applies to his journey today; the first being opportunity, and seizing the moment of that opportunity.

He learned that no one owes you anything. Once he came to this revelation, he quickly stopped standing in his own path toward success.

Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Asahn packed his bags in 2018 and traveled out West where he now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, acquiring multiple commercial real estate properties from the Midwest area of the United States and expanding into the Western area of Africa, he has proved that sometimes a change of location can work out for the better.

Asahn plans to continue his mission to teach his business practices to those from his community so they can achieve financial freedom. The offspring of this yearning is the book titled “A Kid From South Park”.


Former musician, Asahn Guyton unveils success story in a book

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