How we staged Miss Teen Pageant on Facebook

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How we staged Miss Teen Pageant on Facebook

Consequent upon the COVID-19 incursion and the lockdown, Chinyere Obiora Mmobuosi, founder/CEO of Sharonmmo Entertainment Enterprises (SEE), organisers of Most Beautiful Girl in Badagry pageant (MBGB) recently staged the first ever Miss Teen Pageant on facebook. She tells CHINYERE OKOROAFOR how she did it.

You recently staged the first ever Miss Teen Beauty Pageant on Facebook amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown; how were you able to accomplish it?

Initially, Miss Teen Beauty with Brian Nigeria registration kicked-off around February and was supposed to be an inter-school beauty competition open to all secondary schools in Badagry Local Government Area. Parents were to register their daughters through the schools while the school registers with us.

Also, each of the interested schools was to register five contestants and we looked forward to hosting the grand finale on June 5, but with the emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic, we figured that hosting it on Facebook would be fun since most people were at home. We also thought that it would keep them busy.

True to our expectation, the girls’ performance was superb. First, they sent shoulder level photos, which were rated by likes, comments and cash voting.

The second appearance was pictures of their creative attires, which they made themselves with plant leaves. Also, this part was rated through the number of likes and comments.

However, out of the nine finalists, it was only the winner and the second runner-up that were able to submit before the deadline.

Their last photo appearances were with dinner gowns. During this final appearance, they were asked to make a speech on how to execute a pet project to take teenagers off the streets to a better life. They were also asked to offer advice to the government concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

How many teens participated altogether?

When we called for entries on Facebook, we had 30 entries but after audition and screening, we were left with nine contestants, while two made it to the finals. Miss Nmesioma Nicholas won the Miss Teen Beauty With Brian Nigeria 2020 while Miss Lawal Maria was the second runner-up.

What’s the motivation behind Teen Beauty pageant?

We all know that pageants promote self-confidence, leadership, poise, and strong can-do spirit. So that’s the primary reason. The idea first occurred to me when my daughter was five years old. She would dress up, put hands on her waist and pose in front of the mirror. Watching her mimic models sent me down memory lane to when I was a teenager. Then I dreamt of becoming like the models I saw on televisions and magazines. But that dream never came true for me. So, as she grew, I began training her as well as other young girls who showed interest in modeling. From there, I launched the Most Beautiful in Badagry pageant.

I chose to launch Miss Teen Beauty pageant because I realised that most young girls lack confidence and have even forgotten their culture. In as much as we should embrace globalisation and digitalisation, it is important that we don’t forget our roots and cultures. So, this idea was conceived to give teenage secondary school girls the opportunity to express their talents for a greater cause.

Even before COVID-19 condemned it to an online event, did you have sponsors?

Not at the moment. Don’t forget this is a maiden edition. But we are open and actually calling for support going forward. Corporate organisations can, as part of their corporate social responsibilities (CSR), partner with us, especially because we are out to help inculcate leadership qualities and promote self-confidence in our young girls.

Who are your inspirations in the industry?

I admire Senator Ben Murray Bruce and family and what they have achieved with The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant. It was through their MBGN that Nigeria produced the first African Miss World in the person of Agbani Darego. I also admire Naomi Campbell for her sway over the industry in the last decades.

What drives you?

Seeing the girls I mentor and project find their feet in the modeling and beauty industry inspires me. I’m proud to have trained over 300 girls as models. These were girls who didn’t even know how and where to start from. Some were even afraid because of the negative stories of how models and beauty queens are sexually harassed. But with my counsel, they overcame their fears. A few weeks before the lockdown, my daughter won the Miss College Pageant at the Lagos Art Fiesta. These are some of the things that help me put in more effort.

How we staged Miss Teen Pageant on Facebook

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