Hyundai is testing a new powertrain

Hyundai is testing a new powertrain

This concept was inspired by the Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept 45 years ago, becoming the model that features the future design of electric cars.

A few months after launching the concept, Hyundai has begun testing the car, but with significant camouflage layers.

Hyundai already has Kona and Ioniq electric cars on the market, with a third expected to be a little known.

When it goes on sale, it is expected to remove the figure 45 and be called different, to be more attractive, while keeping up with other cars and to have high technology.

As Kona has autonomy of up to 415 kilometers, this new model from Hyundai is expected to have even greater autonomy.

Hyundai is testing a new powertrain

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