I have always been curvy – Nollywood actress Anita Joseph

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I have always been curvy – Nollywood actress Anita Joseph

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph is one of the actresses that have not only been around for long but have also proved their worth as movie stars. Anita Joseph has had her fair share of controversies, high and low moments in the Nigeria film industry since her incursion 16 years back.

In this interview with ADENIYI ADEWOYIN, she spoke about her career, love life and aspirations.

What has changed about you so far?

My timing on set and other activities, I stay home more and make sure my home is running smoothly. I’m accountable to someone now, someone who cares (laughs).

How would you describe the single Anita and the married Anita?

Oh the single me has always been homely and very private so not much changed just that the married Anita schedules changed, I’m a submissive wife, I take marriage seriously, I make sure hubby gets my attention fully in terms of his welfare. The married Anita can’t twerk anymore on IG.

Why can’t you twerk anymore?

I can’t do it anymore. My hubby doesn’t like it. The married Anita is more careful of what she puts out, hubby has to approve just like when we were dating he supports me a lot, marriage is easy when you marry your friend.

How did you meet your husband?

We met at a birthday party, if you ask yes it was love at first sight.

What project are you working on presently?

I’m working on the expansion of my business and a little something which I won’t share until it materialises

Describe your journey into Nollywood

I started in 2007 with ‘Bandit Queen.’ I was so young and talented and that opened my eyes to many more opportunities. I have never stopped since then and as at now, I have starred in over 90 movies. They include ‘Instagram hustlers,’ ‘Prince and brandfort mansion,’ ‘Princesses,’ ‘Open and Close,’ ‘Hips don’t lie,’ ‘Apia,’ ‘Tears in my heart,’ ‘Heartless daughters,’ ‘Asoebi girls,’ ‘Iko aka the trouble maker.’ I’ve lost count of the movies I have featured in the last 16 years.

What bold step did you take to attain your current status as a celebrity?

I was not afraid of anything and I was ready to work my way from where I was to the top even when it wasn’t so good and glamorous, I was patient and set the smart goal which allowed my aspirations to be realistic, timely and measurable.

Aside from acting, you also run a fashion outfit, tell us about it.

Oh my new baby, my fashion empire is HourGlass Fashion World, that’s what I have been cooking for a long time, it only materialised now. It was in the pipeline and I made sure I came out with the best. HourGlass products are for every woman. I have looked at women over the years as we get hormonal, we sometimes get body image issues so we get fat, thin, bloated and all but in all of these there are hourglass products with our body contouring products that help women and even men train their bodies to be what they want. We have waist trainers, body shapers, gym belts, padded pants and more and this is to make sure everyone’s need is taken care of so you can get your confidence back with HourGlass fashion world products.

What do you love most about being an actress?

The time on set is always amazing, and whenever I use my fame to change someone else’s life.

How do you easily switch from your normal self to a movie character?

Well, it comes easy with experience, I’m able to portray my character knowing that acting is being that different person for that moment for that time so your audience will find it so real and enjoyable as you tell the story or teach a lesson through your character.

What was growing up like for you?

Growing up (pauses) I was a Tomboy, very slim and tall, I was always an advocate against bullies, I had fun as a child, I was surrounded by a wonderful family and community who supported and nurtured me with great values which has really come to play and has been beneficial as an adult. My mum was an Imo woman so her aim was to train us to be a good wife and mother, a responsible and kind person who put others first, gosh and I’m still like that you know.

It’s almost impossible to believe that you were a tom boy, how did you achieve the turn around with all the curves?

Even as a tomboy the curves were still there, oh they’ve always been there. I wasn’t a tomboy for long because I had older sisters that made sure I wore dresses and made my hair.

What have you learnt so far as an actress?

Not to compromise my values and virtue, to demand my respect for who I am and what I can do, that’s it. Not to follow the crowd, to carve a niche as Anita, I and myself alone.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

The craziest thing a fan has done to me (pauses). One has tapped my bum one time and ran away. I wanted to remove my heels and pursue him but the celeb in me said no.

What have you or are you doing to sensitize your fans about Coronavirus pandemic?

Basically I have been disseminating information about self-isolation and quarantine, hand washing and staying safe. I’m planning a massive food bank drive for my fans.

Has the pandemic affected your business in any way?

Not really but all things worketh for good for those that love God, all these will pass soon.

Who has been your greatest support and how?

I have two people. My husband and my elder sister Sandra. She is my rock and my hubby and together they build my strong tower always.

Do you have your low yet?

Low point is when I lost my mum, may her soul rest on.

It seems you have a flair for music, will you be giving it a try someday?

Yes definitely I have two singles ‘Nyem something’ ft Flavor and ‘Long time’. I have two videos already, one was shot in South Africa and one was shot here. I am still gonna do music later.

How would you describe Nollywood?

Nollywood is an industry that is growing widely with great structure put in place.

I have always been curvy – Nollywood actress Anita Joseph

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