Italian towns offer everyone who moves in $ 27,000, but on one condition

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Italian towns offer everyone who moves in $ 27,000, but on one condition

WHEN Italian villages started selling houses for a dollar, it seemed too good to be true. But the new offer from Italy is so good that this previous one seems like a hoax.

Molise Region, a beautiful but neglected area east of Rome, has announced that it will pay people more than $ 27,000 if it settles in one of 106 sparsely populated places. It is an attempt to prevent these settlements from dying, CNN Travel reports.

There is one condition

Anyone who accepts the offer will receive 700 euros (about $ 770) a month for three years to help them settle down in a region known for its green pastures, olive groves and snow-capped peaks. But there is one catch. Immigrants must commit to starting a small business to support the local economy.

“I want my region to experience a renaissance and avoid authentic places being turned into ghost cities. We need to protect our roots,” Antonio Tedeschi, a regional councilor who came up with the idea of ​​the impetus, told CNN Travel.

Young people and couples with children are especially welcome to sign up for this program, which will officially launch on September 16th. Born in the small town of Filignano, a small town of Filignano, with barely 700 residents, Tedeschi says he knows what it looks like when old traditions and historic sites fall into oblivion and he wants to stop the ongoing decline.

“The goal is to breathe new life and start the local economy. Newcomers are free to launch anything to get our financial support, a small hotel, restaurant, cafe, farm, craft boutique, library or local delicatessen,” says Tedeschi.

Thousands are leaving Molise

Thousands have left Molise in recent years. Official statistics say that the population in the area has dropped by 9,000 since 2014, and currently there are only 305,000. It is one of Italy's least populated regions, with 106 of the 136 cities having less than 2000 inhabitants. Many communities across Italy are threatened with extinction as young people move to larger cities or abroad and the fragile Italian economy struggles to sustain itself in remote rural areas.

Lately, there have been a number of villages from the northern Alps to the southern vineyards of Sicily that are literally giving away homes to anyone willing to invest in rebuilding and moving there. Molise's offer so far is potentially the most rewarding for anyone willing to take that path. What exactly can stakeholders expect? Here are some particularly picturesque villages among those who invite people to move in.


Fornelli is known as the City of Oils, because of the olive trees that adorn the landscape, also rich in premium truffles and species of endangered legumes. In 2019 Fornelli was nominated to compete in the most beautiful Italian city. It has a medieval center, which used to protect the drawbridge, and now it is a network of narrow streets and arched gates. Seven towers have been built into the city's defense walls. Cars and even motorcycles are forbidden inside the walls, which makes the area quiet and unpolluted.


Nestled along the rocky cliff of San Marco Mountain, this village is named after the Italian word “pietre”, which means rocks. The white-yellowish stone dwellings at the foot of the magnificent castle contrast with the green-brown stones, covered with lush vegetation, which dominates the surrounding countryside. Isolation has kept the village from barbaric attacks for centuries. The doors of houses and aristocratic buildings are decorated with strange stone figures.


One of the highlights of the year in Riccione is the colorful grape festival, which celebrates the end of vendemmia or vintage and attracts wine lovers from all over Italy. Then a cobblestone parade begins with a grape parade and gourmet treats are shared with visitors. Riccia, located at the foot of the cylindrical tower, has entered an elite society that brings together Italian authentic villages, which still cherish tradition and ancient recipes. Molise's premium amaro liqueur is made from special herbs from nearby forests.

Capracotta and Campitello Matese

These are the villages for skiing lovers. One of the attractions of Molise, the second smallest Italian region, is that it has everything in one place: the sea, lakes, forests and even the Apennine mountain range. Capracotta and Campitello Matese are the region's premier winter sports hubs that attract snowboarders and amateurs in cross-country skiing. The ski slopes are not as long or steep as those in the Alps, but this is an additional attraction in the form of dense forests inhabited by wild animals such as bears.

Pietrabbondante and Sepino

It's hard to believe that Molise can handle Rome and Pompeii when it comes to ancient architecture and archeological attractions. The two small villages of Pietrabbondante and Sepino hide mostly unknown ruins of once famous fortresses. Much of what is now Molise was once the kingdom of the belligerent tribe of the Samnites, who refused to conquer the Roman Empire but eventually sank. The archaeological site of Pietrabbondante, located close to the city at an altitude of 1000 meters, offers a magnificent view of the Molice hills and contains several temples. Saepinum, or the ruins of Sepin, is an incredibly well-preserved site, where visitors are greeted at the entrance by statues of captured barbarians.

San Giovanni and Galdo

Sheep, cows and buffaloes in the pasture are part of the peasant landscape here. The dusty paths leading to the mountains to the ruins of a magnificent third-century BC temple can still be found. San Giovanni in Galdo is located on one of the main shepherding routes in Molise, which was used to move livestock between high and low pastures. The old town, called Morutto or “broken walls” in the local dialect, is a maze of caves and underground rooms. Zig-zaghini traditional folklore festivals are still being held here, representing something like “anti-jinx dance”.

Castel San Vincenzo

The clear water of the blue lake makes Castel San Vincenzo one of the most visited places of prayer. It is located in the Alta Valle del Volturn, known as the Valley of the Faith, because monks and pilgrims have come here for centuries to meditate and pray. Today, nearby San Vincenzo Abbey Al Volturno attracts travelers seeking a rest of their souls and artists in search of inspiration.


This place, dating from pre-Roman times, is a collection of pastel colored peasant houses, connected by stairs and located at the foot of the fort. The symbol of the place is a large stone cross. The main square offers a unique panorama of the surrounding meadows where you can see the remains of the Samnitic towers. Duronia is popular for guided trekking tours in rural areas. The Scattone Food Festival is dedicated to pasta with red wine and pepper, which they say strengthens and protects against the flu.

Italian towns offer everyone who moves in $ 27,000, but on one condition

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