Men will always chase you even as a married actress – Nollywood Actress Kemi Afolabi

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Men will always chase you even as a married actress – Nollywood Actress Kemi Afolabi

Kemi Afolabi is a household name in the Yoruba film industry – a sub sector of the growing Nollywood. The versatile actress has been around for a while but still manages to stay relevant despite the challenges that comes with managing a thriving career with family. She speaks with ADENIYI ADEWOYIN in this interview on her career, men and her films.

How have you been coping with the lockdown?

I have been coping, all thanks to Allah. He has been faithful; you know I haven’t even been worried about myself but the ordinary Nigerian on the streets with no hope of survival and nothing to eat. They have been my priority that is why I have tried in my own capacity to cater for these people via cash relief and even distribution of food items. That’s the least we can do for humanity.

What ways has it affected you?

I have so many jobs not concluded, projects I haven’t been able to finish and even deals that couldn’t be finalized because of the lockdown. But in another way, it has been like a compulsory leave, I have had enough time to rest, meditate and grow my bond with God especially during this period of Ramadan.

The Federal Government just lifted the lockdown in several states, do you think it’s a good move?

Sincerely there are two ways about it, the fact that a lot of our people live from hand to mouth and also the fact that our health is very important and we shouldn’t jeopardize that, the numbers keep rising and it gets me worried everyday. I think we just have to stay safe and know that it is on us to take care of ourselves. If we have nothing important to do, let’s just stay at hope and follow the precautions.

What projects are you working on currently?

I have so many things I am working on that I would like not to disclose now, just keep your fingers crossed.

Some of your colleagues have crossed to English sector of Nollywood, will you also consider that move or are the roles not coming in?

I have taken part in a couple of English films that you all would get to see soon, there are so many surprises in stock for my fans!

Tell us about your journey into Nollywood

Wow. I bet we wouldn’t leave here today, it is a very lengthy and interesting one. It started when I was in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) you know I studied law, it was there that I met Oladele Matti, who mentored and brought me into the industry, it was a very interesting one, tough as well, sometimes I felt discouraged but my passion and love for the art kept me going, you know how it is when you are struggling to be noticed, working hard to make a career out of your passion but here I am today by the grace of God. Cheers to those years, cheers to today and cheers to where I am still headed, insha Allah!

How have you been able to take your relationship off social media?

I am a very private person, my husband is private as well, we love and understand ourselves, we were able to define what we want and I was early enough to realize that if I want to keep this relationship healthy, I need to take it off peoples’ eyes.

There’s a rumour about you having an affair with a younger colleague who also bought you a car as a birthday gift, how true is that?

Lol… wow! I haven’t received any car, let them tell me where the car is so I go pick it up, well… thanks in advance to the junior colleague. On a serious note, people should be careful as to what they consume, these blogs make up false stories and it’s unfortunate how people are quick to jump at them. No one has bought me a car, if I receive any gift, trust I would let you guys know.

But there are also rumors that your marriage crashed, how true is this?

There is nothing to clear, people can think or say whatever they like, after all that’s what comes with being a public figure. I am fine and enjoying my marriage with my husband!

So, do you still get advances from men even when they know you’re married?

As a woman, that’s inevitable, they would surely come.

So how do you manage such situations?

Oftentimes I just ignore, I hate long talks, I believe when I don’t give you audience, you most definitely would get tired.

With your busy schedule how do you manage family and career?

My family is very important to me, fortunately for me, I am blessed with a very understanding family, my husband and daughter understand me so much. I do not joke with my family time, I balance everything that none of them suffers from lack of my attention, also I have the believe that if I want to be successful, I must keep my family happy at all time. My family is a very important element of my successful career.

What is your take on posting personal issues online?

Like I said earlier, I am a private person so personal issues should be left personal, so not everything is for public consumption at least not personal and family issues.

Was the revenue you got from your movie Modorisa so much that you are yet to promote another movie?

Modorisa did so well that it is still being sought after, there might even be a come back due to demand. I am working on so many projects that would take the industry by storm.

For what reasons will you reject a movie role?

As a professional, as long as I want to make money, I wouldn’t jeopardize my integrity, self-respect and values for anything. I wouldn’t take on something that would demean me and create a wrong impression to people who look up to me and see me as a model.

How often do you get movie roles?

I would say often, a week never passes that I don’t have at least 3-4 locations, God has been really faithful.

You went on a short hiatus sometime ago but unlike many, you returned like you never left, how were you able to regain your space when you returned to acting?

I would say the passion and love for the art, when people are convinced you still have your A game, they would definitely come knocking. It took a lot of hard work and consistency; I had to show it that I was still the same Kemi, nothing changed.

Will you now be dressing like an Alhaja, after been given a title by a Muslim association?

Lol…. I have always been modest and decent even before the title was conferred, the moment I decided to fully consecrate my life to Allah, I knew what was coming with it. If I am not on set or acting, I am dressed like a proper Muslim.

Celebrities are known for the flamboyant lifestyle and the love for cars, how many cars have you acquired?

I am not a flamboyant person, I hate to oppress people with whatever God has blessed me with, it is not a right but he gave me whatever I have out of his grace and mercy, so about cars, I would say at least I do not trek, I have wheels that take me to my various destinations by the grace of God.

What do you think about caucus in the movie industry, which one do you belong to?

Caucus? I keep my circle very small; I have a few friends that have become family. I feel very comfortable with them because I know they genuinely have my back and I do as well.

Aside from acting, what else do you do?

I run a business, a legal and profitable business.

Are you looking at producing more cinema movie someday?

Modorisa was a very successful cinema movie. There are still many more cinema movies to come from the stables of Kemi Afolabi.

Men will always chase you even as a married actress – Nollywood Actress Kemi Afolabi

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