Mixed reactions over withdrawal of E-money police escorts

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Mixed reactions over withdrawal of E-money police escorts

By Precious Igbonwelundu

Mixed reactions have trailed the Inspector General of Police (IG) Mohammed Adamu’s withdrawal of the police escorts attached to Chairman, Five Star Group, Emeka Okonkwo alias E-Money.

The IG ordered the withdrawal of the six policemen from B operations, Command Headquarters in Lagos, following allegations of misuse of the escorts.

E-Money, the younger brother of music star Kingsley Okonkwo alias K Cee, was alleged to have turned the six policemen attached to him to domestic helps who run errands such as opening doors, carrying bags and other menial jobs.

Known for his philanthropic works towards the downtrodden, E-Money has never shied away from displaying his luxury cars and mansions, including the multi-billion palatial he unveiled during the yuletide at his hometown in Uli, Anambra State.

On his verified Instagram page, the flamboyant young billionaire have pictures showing his armed police escorts opening the car doors for him, among others.

The news, which went viral as soon as it was reported, elicited mixed feelings among Nigerians.

While some saw the withdrawal as a welcome development, others accused the IG of selective reaction insisting the many other VIPs were guilty of the same action. They urged the IG to immediately withdraw police escorts from all Nigerians who are not politically exposed persons, adding that rich men who crave extra security should contract private organisations rendering bodyguard services.

According to Emeka Uba, E-Money should get himself a private security company that will supply bodyguards to him, insisting that the misuse of police was one of the reasons Nigeria was being disrespected globally.

 IGP withdraws E-Money’s escorts

“Why is Roman Abramovich not using Russian police? Be uses his private security. Who’s E-money to men like this? The IG did the right thing and should do same to every other businessman using police for their protection.

Atuma David said: “The IG has the power to approve or withdraw their approval of police escort. Y’all should stop acting like it’s his right.”

Muhammad Kabiru said: “It’s wrong to withdraw all the six of them, but what is more very wrong is for him to subject them to run menial errands that is demeaning of their personality.

One Dr. Chikadibia said: “That’s pure wickedness, leaving a rich businessman exposed because he is not a politician. We have confirmed cases that need probing, but they still move around with security. If you support this then you do not want rich men to invest and stay in our country anymore.

Contacted, police spokesman Frank Mba, a Deputy Commissioner (DCP) said the escorts were withdrawn because E-Money breached the code for police protection.

He said the police also withdrew them to do verification and documentation.

Asked what will happen to the policemen, Mba said they were already being investigated and may be subjected to internal discipline for flouting police regulations. The police spokesman could not confirm if some other celebrities were affected as rumoured on the social media.

Mixed reactions over withdrawal of E-money police escorts

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