PDP, Dickson, Wike flay Oshiomhole

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PDP, Dickson, Wike flay Oshiomhole

Shola O’Neil, Port Harcourt, Gbade Ogunwale, Abuja, Mike Odiegwu, Yenagoa


THE Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), outgoing Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson and his Rivers State counterpart  Nyesom Wike on Thursday tackled All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman Adams Oshiomhole’s comment that PDP’s candidate in the November 16 Bayelsa State governorship poll, Douye Diri,  will not be sworn in today as governor.

They said in separate reactions on Thursday that since the Supreme Court had directed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to issue  certificate of return to  the candidate with the highest number of votes spread across the Local Government Areas in the poll , Oshiomhole, lacked the power to interpret it.

The PDP said: “As a law-abiding party, we counsel Oshiomhole to rein in himself and desist from all odious designs against Bayelsa State, her people and government.”

It advised the APC chair  to steer clear of Bayelsa State  saying that Diri would be sworn in as governor because his(Oshiomhole) comment was a  mere “empty and inconsequential ranting.”

“The people of Bayelsa State know as a fact that INEC under our laws, cannot take instructions from any individual, let alone a factional national chairman of a dysfunctional political party like the APC,” the party added.

Dickson, whose second tenure ended midnight, boasted that   Diri,  would be inaugurated as his successor.    .

“The court has decided and I don’t think the national chairman of the APC is competent to seek an appeal over the decisions of the Supreme Court,’’ he said during his valedictory live media chat in Yenagoa yesterday evening.

“The last time I checked the rules, the judgment of the Supreme Court is final and that is what we have now. Any other issue is a question of interpretation and opinion. My candidate will be sworn in tomorrow (today),” he added.

Dickson, however, called for calm and warned against tendencies that could lead to breakdown of law and order in the state.

He described  the judgment  as victory for democracy and  called on the opposition leaders to rein in their supporters.

Dickson said: “You can’t have a state if you don’t have peace and stability. But once the matter has been decided one way or the other, as law-abiding people, you show understanding, rein in your supporters, explain to people and live to fight another day.  That is what we do as politicians.”

He said he would invite all aggrieved persons, including Lyon  for talks.

 Adams Oshiomole: Victim of reactionary forces

He said: “We are actually waiting for the court position to be taken for me to invite anybody, even if it is David Lyon,  to interact with me. We have programme lined up. We have done everything to ensure smooth transition.

“But now that the Supreme Court has decided otherwise. I call for everyone to take it in good faith and live to fight another day. No breakdown of law and order. No incitement.

“I believe that processes will be put in place to ensure that people will be carried along as much as possible. Those who have issues I am sure the incoming governor will say a thing or two about that. We have always run an inclusive government.

“And I believe that his own will be no difference. My take is actually to say that all of us have won. Even for those celebrating, is not to spite anybody. We have all as a people and all of us should manage this process because the court has decided.”

Wike called on the Federal Government to call the APC chairman to order.

He said: “The Federal Government should warn Oshiomhole to stop making remarks that will destabilise Nigeria.”

“What he is doing in Edo State is not proper and he should not bring it to the rest of the Niger Delta,” Wike said, according to a statement by Simeon Nwakaudu, his media aide.

The Rivers State governor criticised what he termed  “inflammatory statement and attempt to throw the Niger Delta region into chaos.”

“Who is Oshiomhole to determine who has spread in a state? Supreme Court has made a ruling.  It is unfortunate for Oshiomhole to come forward  to say that nobody will be sworn in”.

“It is most unfortunate what Oshiomhole is doing because he wants to retain his position as national chairman. APC Governors  have rejected him, that  is why he is struggling to prove that he is fighting for the Party.

“He is making statements as if he owns the country.  This is the same way he is carrying on in Edo State   fighting the governor.

“He believes  that he has the forces to cause crisis. He is arrogating powers to himself,  which  is not good, “ Wike said.

PDP, Dickson, Wike flay Oshiomhole

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