PDP has become nauseating, says APC

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PDP has become nauseating, says APC

 Tony Akowe, Abuja

National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mallam Lanre Issa Onilu said the main opposition has become nauseating and need to focus on other things instead of issuing statements daily.

He said the APC will no longer respond to statements from the PDP

“I don’t have any response to the PDP. They are becoming nauseating. We are focused on delivering on our promises. Exchanging words with PDP that lacks credibility and has been twice defeated amounts to unnecessary distractions.

“We are actually no longer going to respond the PDP’s nonsensical statements. They need to keep themselves busy instead of issuing these statements. That is about my response.”

Also reacting, Chairman of the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) reminded the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that the Buhari led APC government was well focused on delivering on its campaign promises and has nothing to do with any corruption issue.

Akinsiju told The Nation that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was a sinking ship desperately looking for ways of dragging the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) down with it.

He said “talking about N15 trillion, you know the PDP with their capacity to create a scenario of their own character. The APC government under Buhari will not tolerate any form of corruption. For us, corruption is not a family affair like when PDP was in government.

“When the PDP was in government, anytime a senior member of the party was arrested, there are interventions from the top, including the office of the President and the issues are covered up like a family affair. But in this government, there are no cover ups.

“We have seen how those who joined the party are being jailed without the intervention of the President. What else do you want to see? Even Ministers have been dealing with those found to be corrupt.

“The Minister for Power just removed the head of a government agency under him. That shows capacity to use power the right way. So, they should be reminded that just as they are pointing one finger at the APC, the other four are pointed at them because they are the ones known for stealing of public fund.”

Akinsiju said the PDP was so frustrated that they can hang on to anything to tannish the image of the APC and the Buhari government.

He said “the PDP has become dangerously deluded and they go after any form of data to create sympathy for them and to make an attempt to bring the APC down to their own level. The PDP brand is irredeemably destroyed.

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“It is a brand known for wickedness, a brand known for corruption and taking Nigerians into the deep. To that extent, there is no way they can match the APC brand no matter what they manufacture, it cannot rob off on the APC negatively. The APC has been determined about delivering the dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

“Our  party got into office when Nigeria was on its way to a terrible recession and within 12 months, it took Nigeria out of that reception and place Nigeria on the part of growth. Every year since 2017, we have been recording growth in our GDP and we can compare that to the PDP era when we had about 5 percent and when the PDP took over, it went down to 2.5 percent by the time they were handing over.

“What that meant was that there was a reception that was already in place. There has been an improvement in that and what that meant is that when there is a growth in GDP, productive activities in the economy will be on the increase and when productive activities are expanding and increasing, opportunity for employment is created.

“When an economy is expanding, the natural thing is an increasing employment. You cannot have an increasing GDP and a decreasing employment or increase in unemployment. A GDP that is increasing will create jobs which may not be enough, but because we are on a growth trajectory, we will be on a multiplier scale.

“So, if the PDP is talking about unemployment, we need to tell them that we are creating more jobs more than they did. In addition, we are creating a truly diversified economy. In the third quarter of 2019, Nigeria was ranked the sixth largest GDP economy in the world and one of the 10 most improved economy in the world.

“Those statistics are talking to our capacity to create jobs.”



PDP has become nauseating, says APC

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