Ten of the ‘happening’ Nigerian instagram comedians

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Ten of the ‘happening’ Nigerian instagram comedians

By Gbenga Bada

Long before Covid-19, many emerging comic acts from Nigeria have displayed immense talents in the evolving world of comedy through the use of one of the popular social mediums, Instagram.

But, since the lockdown, these sets of Nigerians have shone like bright lights with humorous skits that have left people reeling out in laughter.

People may be saddened by the pandemic but these individuals still give their followers and other Instagram users the reason to smile and laugh with their works that are invariably imbued with a sense of humour and reality.

Here are ten of the ‘happening’ Nigerian Instagram comedians making waves on social media scene.


Real Name: Bright Okpocha

Reach: 6.7 million followers

Basketmouth has established himself as an entertainer in all forms. Starting as a rapper before charting the comedy cause, Basketmouth has been able to distinguish himself as a rapper, actor, and comedian.

The comedian isn’t only relying on his ability to crack ribs as a standup comedian but has evolved to give emerging comic acts on Instagram a run for their money.

His comedy skits are as hilarious as they get and every post keeps leaving followers and fans on the edge of their seats.

From shared characters to singular characters, Basketmouth has kept fans laughing playing the role of Mambo in ‘Mambo and Bonnyface’, Lulu in ‘The Secrets of Lulu’ and Frank in ‘My Flatmates & I’.


Woli Agba

Real Name: Ayo Ajewole

Reach: 2.8 million followers

At the mention of Woli Agba, fans and Instagram users start reeling out in laughter.

This character made popular by a creative comedian and MC is known as Ayo Ajewole is the toast of many Nigerians.

For Woli Agba, it’s a mixture of gospel and reality to form a burst of unending laughter galore.

His banter with the character that plays his son, Dele, and other members of his church choir is what many of his followers and fans look out for in his posts.

With his IPM (Instagram Parish Mission) – an illustrative church built around the platform – Woli Agba has continued to draw inspiration from real-life experiences to create humorous skits to the delight of his fans and followers alike.



Real Name: Maryam Apaokagi

Reach: 994, 000 followers


Taaooma is that Instagram comedian popular for her signature slap! Every skit made by this young comic act, who had her formative years in Namibia, ends with a signature slap from Mama Tao to Tao and the fans love it.

Taaooma’s skits are inspired by how most African parents train their kids without consistent slaps.

Many fans and followers on Instagram are quick to relate with every post from Ms. Apaokagi as it reminds the young ones of their parents and the older ones how they were trained.


Broda Shaggi

Real Name: Samuel Animashaun Perry

Reach: 4.4 million followers

broda shaggi

Broda Shaggi is the parody of the life of a motor park tout made popular by Instagram sensation, Samuel Animashaun Perry.

Not many of his fans and followers on Instagram will remember his birth name as much as they do of Broda Shaggi, his character on Instagram.

Broda Shaggi imitates the life of a local motor park tout, who is trying to make ends meet on the busy streets of Lagos.

His ability to convincingly bring the character to life in many of his posts resonates with many road users in Lagos and other South Western states in Nigeria.


Mr. Macaroni

Real Name: Debo Adebayo

Reach: 758, 000 followers


The phrase, ‘Freaky Freaky, you are doing well, ooin,’ was coined by a talented actor, whose claim to fame remains the character of Mr. Macaroni – a wealthy and lustful entrepreneur.

From Twitter to Instagram, WhatsApp memes and Facebook, Wizkid to Don Jazzy, Mr. Macaroni’s phrase is on the lips of almost everyone.

For Mr. Macaroni, the signature phrase remains his selling point as he narrates different and relatable experiences of the promiscuous and young entrepreneur.



Real Name: Gloria Oloruntobi

Reach: 1.2 million followers



Maraji became an instant sensation for playing multiple roles in comedy skits. The young Instagram comedienne is in a world of her own.

Marrying real-life situations with comical expressions, Maraji leaves fans and followers on Instagram reeling out in laughter with every post.

Her multiple characters in many of her skits have been her strong base in the last few years.




Josh 2 Funny

Real Name: Josh Alfred

Reach: 1.5 million followers

josh 2 funny

If Taaooma and Woli Agba have mastered the whims and caprices of the South Western folks in Nigeria, Josh2funny is a caricature of a village woman from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

Josh2funny is the popular Mama Felicia on Instagram who tries to find ‘her’ feet on the Nigerian music scene.

A bad singer with an arguably good voice, Mama Felicia tries to do a cover of popular songs but continues to fail at every attempt.

Josh2funny has mastered the art so much that every post leaves fans reeling out in laughter.



Real Name: Abraham Ereme

Reach: 1 million followers



Twyse is one of the Instagram comedians that have mastered the art of playing multiple roles in just one skit.

This UK trained Instagram sensation is the toast of many Instagram users and fans.

He became popular for playing different characters in the skits that follow the life of a family and their maid, Sade – all played by him.

Twyse’s infusion of humor surpasses the makeup that transforms him to each and all the characters.



The Cute Abiola

Real Name: Abiola Abdulgafar

Reach: 1.3 million followers

cute Abiola

The Cute Abiola, unknown to many, is a member of the Nigerian Navy. However, this young Instagram comedian has made good use of his spare time off duty to entertain fans and followers on Instagram.

His titular character of Lawyer Kunle remains his breakthrough in the social media space.

Lawyer Kunle is a young man trying to make ends meet but gullible enough to always run into trouble at different times.


Craze Clown

Real Name: Emmanuel Iwueke

Reach: 3.3 million followers

Craze clown


Craze Clown is one of the earliest Instagram comedians. Living abroad and sometimes bored drew him into getting goofy on Instagram.

He kicked off his career with the synonymous skit featuring his character, Baba Ade.

Craze Clown went on to inculcate other types of comedy but is notable for his debut character as an Instagram sensation.

Ten of the ‘happening’ Nigerian instagram comedians

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