The Coronavirus is spreading across Europe and the world, here's an overview

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The Coronavirus is spreading across Europe and the world, here's an overview

The coronavirus epidemic continues to spread across Europe and the world with nearly 120,000 infected. It has claimed more than 4,300 lives, and states are fighting new measures such as restrictions on movement, banning public gatherings, canceling classes and events, and cash injections.

Since its first occurrence in December, over 120,000 people in 110 countries and territories have been infected with the coronavirus, and 4,351 people have died, according to AFP.

The Pope held his first general audience

Pope Francis, imprisoned in the Vatican for the coronavirus epidemic, delivered his first virtual general audience on Wednesday, during which he thanked medical staff for his work but also urged the world not to forget about Syrian refugees.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday called for an extraordinary press conference on German citizens to be in solidarity during the coronavirus infestation crisis. She told citizens that currently the most important task is to prevent the spread of the infection, but her comment that the infection could affect more than 60 percent of the population is dissatisfied with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

“Such words cause panic,” he said, adding immediately that the Czech Republic had taken stringent measures to avoid worst-case scenarios, Reuters reports.

France Presse has announced that French President Emmanuel Macron will address the public via television Thursday night regarding the coronavirus epidemic. No other details have been released, AFP adds.

Situation in Europe

In Germany, a third coronavirus death and 1,296 were reported Wednesday.

Italy will increase public spending to € 25 billion to help the economy mitigate the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, which has claimed more than 600 lives, and may also introduce new restrictions on movement, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Wednesday. After China, Italy was hit hardest by the coronavirus and 631 people have died so far, with 10,149 cases confirmed.

The UK has announced it will allocate more than £ 30bn to prepare the economy for the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that 7 billion is earmarked for self-employment and small and medium-sized enterprises, and 5 billion for health and 18 billion for other measures.

Poland, which confirmed 26 cases of infected on Wednesday, is closing schools, universities and other educational institutions for a fortnight because of the spread of coronavirus. It will also close cultural institutions, including theaters, museums and cinemas, to the public from Thursday.

Kiev also announced Wednesday that it is closing schools, universities, cinemas and other gathering places, though only one case of contagion has been reported so far in the west of the country.

A 90-year-old patient has died in Belgium from a new coronavirus infection, the first epidemic-related death in the country, Belgian authorities said on Wednesday.

“Despite the quality of service provided by the medical staff, a 90-year-old patient has died,” said Maggie de Block, federal minister of health, in a joint statement she made with a colleague from the city government in Brussels.

The first death in Albania

A 73-year-old coronavirus-infected woman has died in Albania, the first victim in the country, the Albanian government announced.

Spain has crossed the threshold of 2,000 infected, 47 of whom have died, mostly in Madrid, according to the latest statement issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health on Wednesday.

“By Wednesday morning, 2,002 had been reported,” which was 1,639 on Tuesday at 6pm CET, Fernando Simon, director of the state's epidemiological service, told reporters. Half of those infected are in the Madrid area and the surrounding area, he added.

Madrid is closing sports centers, cultural centers, libraries and theaters after it has already closed kindergartens, schools and universities for the spread of coronaviruses, Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida said on Wednesday. There are 1,524 active cases across the country as 36 people have died and 135 have been cured.

NATO's Cold Response 2020 exercise involving more than 15,000 troops in northern Norway has been halted due to an epidemic of the new coronavirus, Norwegian military authorities said on Wednesday. In Norway, 277 people are infected with coronavirus.

“The coronavirus is out of control in society,” Chief of the Military Operations Center Rune Jakobsen said at a news conference. “We want to preserve the fighting ability of the military so that it can help society in the turbulent times ahead.”

The neighborhood

According to recent data, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infected in Slovenia has increased to 57, the Slovenian government announced on Twitter.

Health Minister Ales Shabeder said earlier at a press conference that the measure of closing the border with Italy for travelers coming from that country had not yet taken effect, but that measures were being prepared to “carry out meaningful and enforceable monitoring of passengers' health,” Slovenian media reported.

Slovenian schools and kindergartens continue to operate because it is considered that the coronavirus development phase in Slovenia is still under control, but today a two-week primary school in Kamnik near Ljubljana has been prevented for two weeks, as one of the teachers confirmed yesterday to be coronavirus positive.

Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina announced new measures Wednesday to control the spread of coronaviruses, including interrupting classes across the country for two weeks starting Thursday. On Tuesday, the measure was introduced by Republika Srpska, canceling classes in all schools and colleges. A ban on mass rallies has also been introduced.

At the same time, additional controls on persons coming from abroad have been introduced in BiH since Wednesday. Thus, all foreigners arriving in BiH from France, Germany or Spain will be quarantined for two weeks. There is also a total ban on the entry of nationals of Italy, South Korea and Chinese from Hubei province.

In BiH, seven cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed by Wednesday.

Seven new cases in Serbia

By Wednesday morning, seven new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Serbia, a total of 12 registered since Friday when the first case was identified. Two patients were hospitalized at the Clinical Center in Novi Sad, four in Niš and six at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Belgrade.

Director of the Infectious Diseases Dr. Goran Stevanovic told Radio-Television Serbia (RTS) that all seven newly infected coronaviruses came from the same source, since one infected was at a large gathering and did not know it was infected.

Since Tuesday, the Serbian government adopted new measures banning the entry of foreign nationals from infected areas – from Italy, China, South Korea, Iran and Switzerland, from the border crossing of Batrovci-Bajakovo with Croatia, some fifty people have been returned.

The Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency with coronavirus safeguards, Prime Minister Gergely Gulyas announced on Wednesday, MTI reports. So far, 13 have been infected in Hungary.

Austrian railway operator OBB announced on Wednesday that all passenger rail links with Italy have been suspended to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Austria also announced on Wednesday that it is closing national museums by the end of March. It has already been decided to close concert halls in Vienna, such as the Opera, Musikverein and Konzerthaus, and the National Library has closed the doors.

The world

Iran on Wednesday announced 63 new deaths due to coronavirus, bringing the country's death toll to 354, making it one of the worst casualties in the world.

Authorities also reported 958 new patients, so now the number is infected in the country is 9,000, said a spokesman for the health ministry.

In Tehran, the capital, 256 new cases have been reported, followed by the province of Ispahan with 170.

Authorities have closed schools, universities, hotels and other tourist facilities to discourage citizens from traveling.

The Argentine Ministry of Health has reported two new infections, and there are now 19 across the country, one of whom died at Muniz Hospital in Buenos Aires.

The first two cases of contagion were also reported by Honduras on Wednesday.

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The Coronavirus is spreading across Europe and the world, here's an overview

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