The first death of a coronavirus in Slovenia, in Serbia of five new patients

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The first death of a coronavirus in Slovenia, in Serbia of five new patients

KORONAVIRUS paralyzed Europe.

More drastic measures were introduced in Croatia yesterday. Schools are closed for at least two weeks and classes will try to be organized online from Monday. Many events have been canceled and many weekend nightclubs are closing their doors. It is advisable to have as few contacts and as little socializing as possible.

Over 143,000 cases of coronavirus have been recorded worldwide by Saturday morning. In total, just over 5400 people died, mostly in China. Yesterday was the worst day in Italy, 250 people died in 24 hours. On the other side of the world, in China, the epidemic is waning. Only 11 new cases were reported this morning.

In Croatia, 39 people are infected. > More

You could track developments throughout the day on the Index.

21:20 Serbia has seen an increase in the number of coronavirus infected people today – from 41 in the morning to eight after 46 after 12 tests, five of which were positive. > More

21:19 Spain restricts movement of citizens – they are allowed to go to work, for food and medicines. > More

20:59 Morocco has suspended entry from 21 countries. Egypt, Bahrain and Greece are among them.

20:49 The Syrian parliamentary elections, scheduled for April 13, are being postponed due to coronavirus caution, authorities announced today, although no contagion cases have been officially reported in the country so far.

The elections will be held on May 20, the Damascus presidency announced on social media.

20:33 Lithuania closes borders for all foreign nationals.

20:20 US is also considering restricting travel within the country.

20:00 France closes all activities except those necessary and instructs citizens to get out as little as possible.

19:52 The first victim of the virus has died in Slovenia. > More

19:30 France reports that it has registered 800 more cases. There are now 4499 confirmed cases.

19:10 More than 5,700 people have died from coronaviruses worldwide, and more than 153,500 have been confirmed infected, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is constantly updated. The authorities are trying to defend themselves against a pandemic through various and increasingly stringent measures.

According to the latest data from that American university, which is constantly updated on its website, 5789 people have died from coronaviruses worldwide.

A total of 153,503 were confirmed and 72,587 were recovered. China, where the outbreak began in late December, has 80,976 confirmed infected, 3,193 dead and 65,655 recovering, according to Johns Hopkins on its website.

19:03 Scientists in the Netherlands claim to have discovered an antibody for coronavirus. > More

19:02 US President Donald Trump has been tested for coronavirus. > More

18:58 The second death of a coronavirus has been reported in Norway. This is an elderly patient who died in the early hours of Saturday.

Italy presents new measures to combat pandemic coronavirus. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has confirmed that numerous measures will protect healthcare workers struggling with the overcrowded system.

Families will receive financial assistance and job security will be enhanced to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

Conte confirmed additional measures that would preserve the security of the Italian economy.

18:30 Italian national civil protection headquarters in Rome have released new data on the coronavirus epidemic in that country. > More

18:15 US President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will ban flights from the UK and Ireland from midnight.

He recalled that he had previously introduced a travel ban on citizens of 26 European countries, which would last for 30 days. Croatia is not among these countries.

The number of deaths in the last 24 hours in the UK has doubled – 11 people have died and the total number of deaths from coronaviruses is now 21.

2,226 people are infected and that number will continue to grow.

18:00 Crowds at the borders due to coronavirus should soon be over. > More

17:11 Switzerland has banned public gatherings with more than 100 people. In addition, the government closed the schools until April 4, saying that the border with Italy would remain open, but announced new restrictions.

To help small businesses, the government has also announced a € 10 billion grant to help keep the economy stable.

1189 people have been infected with coronavirus in Switzerland. 11 people died.

17:06 There is chaos at the border crossings of Bregan and Macelj. People have been waiting for almost all day. > More

17:03 Quarantine on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced. > More

16:59: Croatia has already started punishing itself for violating self-isolation. > More

16:27 In Croatia, another man is infected with a coronavirus. > More

15:57 Schools in Northern Ireland will soon close at 16 weeks, confirmed the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster.

She said the schools would not close immediately, but that parents should be prepared for such a decision.

15:50 Five coronavirus patients are from Varaždin. The county headquarters there issued new instructions. > More

15:43 The first death of a coronavirus has been reported in New York. The 82-year-old died at the hospital from the disease, and the news was confirmed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

15:36 Mass grocery shopping is happening not only in Croatia, but all over the world, so a photo of a supermarket in the UK is circulating on the Internet, where one part of the store seems to have been robbed of how quickly people grabbed things.

In addition, there is great insensitivity to the needs of others, as some take as many things as possible and leave nothing to others.

Ridiculous scenes in Tesco Colney Hatch this morning. Shelves cleared like there was a riot. The selfishness of some people filling their trolleys with multiple packs and leaving none for others is staggering. (Plus so much for getting here early to avoid crowded spaces.)

– Michelle Davies (@M_Davieswrites) March 14, 2020

15:27 Istria is closing restaurants, shops will be open until 6pm. > More

15:16 The number of deaths in the last 24 hours in the UK has doubled – 11 people have died and the total number of deaths from coronaviruses is now 21.

15:01 The number infected in the Netherlands has risen sharply. From 155, it rose to 959.

So far, two people have died from coronaviruses in the Netherlands.

15:00 The streets of Madrid, the capital of Spain, which is the focal point of contagion in that country, are completely empty.

> More

14:45 The richest Chinese donated two million masks to European countries. > More

14:40 Chief State Inspector Andrija Mikulic today asked citizens for patience “because health is above all” because of the traffic jams at the borders with Croatia. > More

14:31 Madrid is Spain's largest focal point in terms of coronavirus numbers. It is reported that as many as 133 of the 136 deaths in that country have been reported in Madrid.

In Spain, there are 3,618 cases of infections and 2,940 from Madrid. The Spanish government is asking all citizens to stay home, and will soon announce new measures.

14:21 Brodosplit announces that it has returned its workers from Italy and placed them in quarantine.

We transmit the communication in full:

“In the last three days, we have returned 70 workers who worked at the shipyards in Monfalcone and Ancona. In consultation with the County Headquarters, 24 of them were quarantined in Duilovo and the rest went into self-isolation. All are in good health and have no symptoms. The competent Brodosplit services are in constant contact with all of them and their families, we are at their disposal for any need or assistance.

Otherwise, in February, immediately after a serious outbreak of the epidemic in Italy, by the decision of our Administration in Brodosplit, we established a crisis headquarters for the suppression of coronavirus, which since then has been taking all necessary measures every day to control and reduce the risk of coronavirus. We have procured the necessary quantities of masks, protective equipment and disinfectants to repeatedly treat all surfaces that experts believe need to be disinfected. We have established special protocols for entering the circle of our employees' staff, as well as guests and business partners. There are hand sanitizers on all entrances.

All workers received the coronavirus Brodosplit headquarters' instructions 10 days ago on measures to combat the epidemic, and we thank them for strictly adhering to them and thus protecting themselves and their families. We have established all the necessary procedures and are prepared for all scenarios, we follow the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, and we are in constant contact with the County Headquarters and the Institute. We are doing everything in our power to protect our employees and their families in the first place and to maintain the Brodosplit production process smoothly. “

14:08 Health Minister Willi Beros explained when Croatia will enter the third of five stages of the spread of coronavirus. > More

13:55 The Iranian government will monitor the citizens

The Iranian military will begin clearing the streets and the state will close most of the streets, shops and roads in the next 24 hours to prevent the epidemic from spreading, state television reports.

In addition, Iran's Supreme General Mohammad Baqeri added that he would accompany the citizens next week.

“The entire Iranian nation will be monitored through cyberspace over the telephone and, if necessary, in their homes. Those suspected of being infected will be identified,” Baqeri said.

The identified will be taken to medical facilities, where they will be treated for coronavirus. In Iran, 514 people have died from coronaviruses so far and more than 11,300 have been infected.

13:43 More than 20 million students across the US will not go to school after 46,000 schools have closed. Schools closed to prevent the spread of coronaviruses, but many continue to operate because there are more than 130,000 private and public schools across the country

1:40 PM Czechs closed restaurants, pubs and most stores. They only work in grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations.

Banning restaurants and pubs will last 10 days.

13:34 Italy's civil defense has canceled most civilian flights at major airports across the country. Regular flights canceled in Rome Ciampino, Bergamo Orio al Seri, Florence, Reggio Calabria, Brindisi, Trieste and Treviso

13:25 The number infected in Spain has increased significantly. According to the BBC, 1500 new cases have been reported. Now over 5700 people are infected. Spain is the most affected country after Italy.

Wales has announced 22 new cases of coronavirus infection. The total number of infected people in that country is now 60.

13:17 Dubrovnik is suffering huge losses due to coronavirus, and the season has not even started. > More

13:13 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called on citizens today to trust the country and not make home supplies, saying that there are enough products “in a year” and that “no one will be hungry”. > More

13:06 Ivan Djikic, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, explained why so many people became infected in Italy in the short span of time. > More

Croatia's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has announced a number of measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

He said this after today's cabinet meeting with associates, the Speaker and the Vice-Presidents of the Parliament and the Speakers of the Caucuses. > More

12:45 Another quarantine arrived in Split last night. > More

12:43 This is how Zagreb Arena Center looked like on Saturday morning. > More

12:06 These are the latest figures from the world

In the world, at least 5402 people have died from coronavirus so far, according to new data collected by France Presse from official sources by 9am on Saturday.

More than 143,400 cases have been reported in 135 countries.

As of 5pm, 55 new deaths and 2677 newborns were reported worldwide.

China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), where the epidemic began in late December, has a total of 80,824 cases, of which 3,189 have died and 65,541 have been cured.

As of Friday, 11 new infections and 13 new deaths have been reported.

Elsewhere in the world, a total of 2213 deaths were reported at 9am on Saturday, of which 42 were new, to a total of 62,583 infected (2665 newly infected).

The hardest hit countries after China are Italy, in which 1266 people died from 17,660 infected, Iran with 611 dead (12,729 cases), Spain with 121 dead (4231 cases) and France with 79 dead (3661 cases).

As of 5pm, Ecuador recorded the first deaths.

The first cases of infection were also reported in Kosovo, Mauritania, Uruguay, Suriname, Guatemala, Antigua and Barbuda, Namibia, Swaziland, Puerto Rico and Guinea.

In Asia, a total of 91,346 cases (3299 dead) were recorded at 9am on Saturday, 36,399 (1514 dead) in Europe, 12,475 (527 dead) in the Middle East, 2350 (48 dead), Latin America and the Caribbean 388 ( 5 dead), Oceania 244 (3 dead) and Africa 205 cases (6 dead).

The data were collected from the competent national authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).

11:46 European Parliament proposes new plan to help hospitals in Europe fight coronaviruses. Parliament Speaker David Sassoli said Saturday that all European countries would receive assistance for their health systems.

This includes providing materials to hospitals and funding research to develop a coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

In addition, Sassoli announced financial assistance to help maintain jobs and keep the economy stable in the states. For economic issues, the European Union has provided at least € 37 billion to its members.

11:44 A local television station in Iran reports that 97 more people have died from coronaviruses in the country and that the total number of dead in Iran is 611.

12,729 people were infected with a coronavirus in that state.

11:34 Germany and Italy have increased respiratory production in their respective countries to respond to the pandemic that is yet to come.

According to Reuters, Germany has ordered 10 thousand respirators, while Italy has ordered 5 thousand.

One respirator costs $ 17,000.

11:29 A London baby is coronavirus positive, the Guardian writes. > More

11:24 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had a bizarre address explaining that he tried to trick Germany around respirators. > More

10:40 Milan Bandic first reduced the risk of infection. He now pays for ads in the media warning of danger. > More

10:30 Newly married couple is a married couple from Slavonia. They were previously infected with a son-in-law. Everyone feels good. > More

10:20 Czech Republic is closed. Only pharmacies and food stores and gas stations operate. > More

09:42 The twin brothers, the youngest first infected in Croatia, have recovered from coronavirus. > More

09:40 The National Caterers Association has submitted a proposal for self-isolation measures and job placement in the hospitality industry. The proposal, signed by Marin Medak, president of the National Association of Caterers, was sent to President Milanovic, the government, the ministries of tourism, the police and the economy, the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts. > More

09:30 New Zealand today announced the most stringent border control measures to protect against coronavirus, and all travelers arriving in New Zealand, including New Zealand nationals, will have 14 days to self-isolate from Sunday, while Saudi Arabia has canceled all international flights. > More

09:20 There are five new cases registered in Serbia. > More

By the way, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had a bizarre address to the nation in which he tried to explain how they wanted to cheat Germany because of respirators.

09:15 Apple is closing almost all stores in the world. Only some in certain parts of China will remain open. The stores will be closed until March 27.

The company also donates $ 15 million to fight coronavirus.

09:10 Congress has adopted a package of measures to help the US economy. > More

09:00 The new Slovenian government, which held its first session immediately after parliamentary confirmation on Friday night, has set up a coronavirus epidemic headquarters with Prime Minister Janez Jansa at the helm, with all members of the government wearing face masks at the session. > More

08:45 At the cross-section of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, it is said that there are 37 recorded cases in Croatia. Five new ones. > More

08:03 South Korea on Saturday reported more cases of coronavirus cure for the second day in a row than new infections, indicating a downward trend and hopes that the largest Asian epidemic outside China is slowing.

The Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 107 new cases of coronavirus infection on Saturday, up from 110 a day earlier.

The total number infected in the country in which the first case was confirmed on 20 January is 8086.

07:59 800 new cases reported in France, CNN reports.

A few days ago France recorded 200 new cases a day, which is a big increase.

France now has 3,661 registered cases. 79 people died.

07:50 At 8:30 there is a conference of the Civil Protection Staff. You will be able to track it on the Index.

07:40 There are far fewer coronaviruses in Africa. But many are afraid that if the virus spread, it would be a real disaster because of the unavailability of health systems there. > More

07:36 Former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana is infected with a coronavirus. > More

07:35 Although Putin relativized the virus a few days ago, Russia has banned numerous flights to prevent the spread of the infection. > More

07:30 Hungary introduces drastic measures. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said all schools were closing. He added that it was probably months. > More

The first death of a coronavirus in Slovenia, in Serbia of five new patients

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