The five keys to the female orgasm

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The five keys to the female orgasm

Female pleasure is an always different experience, linked to the mood and strange emotions that sometimes hinder orgasm.

Experts give tips to overcome the state of blockages and difficulties…

Achieving self-esteem

“Self confidence and body security are important elements in achieving orgasm,” says Annalisa Pistuddi, a psychotherapist who specializes in sexology. The risk of never being able to feel at the right level, being afraid to show up, getting upset if your partner looks or caresses parts of your body that you think may be faulty, to choose from only a few positions.

Self-esteem is not born out of the certainty of having a physician who responds to our law of beauty, but of the conviction that every body, though it does not reach perfection, possesses wonderful capacities to give and receive pleasure. This feeling of security leads you to follow the real pace, not focusing on the partner but on his sensitivity, easily escaping the idea of ​​feeling guilty about tradition.

Knowing to give up

For some women pleasure is sometimes hidden behind some uncertainties. “Penetration is often experienced with feelings of doubt, between desire and feminine fear,” states Federica Giromella. From this worry you can go so far as to crawl into orgasm, the Telegraph reports.

But how can you cope with these fears, almost always unaware? The secret is in the constant focus on body sensitivity.

Trusting your partner

Whether it's a life mate or just an evening passer, the key to achieving orgasm is faith. The partner has the opportunity to help resolve the impasse, but sometimes his behavior risks increasing our inhibition…

To experience pleasure, you must go beyond common ideas. It is important to listen to each other, to let sexuality be liberated. Being always ready to respond to and allow for the many, crazy sensations our body enables us to.

Let go of the fantasy

Making love in the group, having sex in unusual places, being watched as you make love, having sex in all positions … To reach the peak of pleasure, we always need new fantasies that help increase desire .

It is a strategy of the imagination to be completely loose. Fantasies should be free without highlighting the guilt, without being labeled as 'bad' or 'wrong'.

Learning to accept the unpredictable

For some women, orgasm only comes to a sexual point in life, perhaps even after many years, writes Psychology Magazine. Sometimes it takes time to learn to be truly free and enter into the intimacy of true feelings, desires and preferences.

To express myself as instinctively as fantasy freely, it is necessary to discover a new dimension in oneself, and to allow bodily emotions to come to feel.

The five keys to the female orgasm

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