Trump is soon passing new measures on coronavirus

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Trump is soon passing new measures on coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has said the government will rethink a period in which companies will be shut down, leaving millions of workers without jobs, all to curb the spread of coronavirus, the New York Times reports.

Officials said an initial 15-day period for social distance – restricting close contact between people by banning gatherings, closing schools and offices, encouraging work from home and persuading people to distance each other – is crucial to slowing the spread of the virus In the US alone, more than 30,000 people are infected.

That 15-day period ends today.

Restarting the economy or stopping the infestation?

Infectious Disease Specialist and White House Coronavirus Working Group Member Anthony Fauci said he believes it will be several more weeks before people can return to normal.

Other experts suggest that even measures sharper than social distance would be needed to truly overcome the epidemic in the US.

But in the White House, there has been a growing perception in recent days that such a strict policy has harmed the economy, and there are slowly finding ways to get people back to work physically.

Some Republicans are urging the White House to find ways to relaunch the economy given the downturn in financial markets and job losses.

US Vice President Mike Pence has announced that the competent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will soon be issuing new guidelines, allowing some people exposed to coronavirus to continue working outside their homes if they wear masks.

This step could help smaller states with relatively fewer cases to revive their economies, and larger states like California and New York with more cases to continue using the same patterns.

Late reaction

While some entrepreneurs are eager to end the draconian measures that have already been taken, others will rather endure than face repeated problems.

For two months, Trump has rejected warnings that the virus will reach the US, all for fear of causing economic problems.

However, he was forced to react when the historic stock market crash.

However, premature termination of the measures can have unintended consequences. One example is Hong Kong, which, following a break in stringent measures, has noticed a new growth in infected people.

Pressures by experts

Also, Trump is facing potential pressure from public health experts in his administration.

Following a slow response to the spread of the virus, the Trump administration has already started the opposite direction by the end of February.

However, Trump has become frustrated with their approach and has resisted perceiving the virus as an existential threat in a way perceived by the profession.

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin stressed that the US economy is still functioning.

“Over the last few weeks, I have seen a bunch of fake news about the complete shutdown of the economy. The president has not made that decision,” Mnuchin said.

Still, Trump's interest in potential mitigation has not been met with approval by his close advisor, Lindsey Graham.

“His best decision was to discontinue traveling from China. I hope that does not change in the context of giving up aggressive containment policies within the US,” Graham said.

Whatever Trump chooses, there will be those who are scared to reopen companies and workers who are scared to go to work, the New York Times reports.

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Trump is soon passing new measures on coronavirus

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