WHO declared pandemic. In Italy in 24 hours 196 dead, in Serbia 18 infected

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WHO declared pandemic. In Italy in 24 hours 196 dead, in Serbia 18 infected

In the world, the total number of coronavirus infections has exceeded 120 thousand.

More than 4,300 people have died and more than 66,000 have recovered.

The WHO has declared the coronavirus a global pandemic.

>> Confirmed 16th infected in Croatia, this is a hairdresser who was in Munich

Three more cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Croatia today. They confirmed this from the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic” in Zagreb, and the number of those infected in Croatia has now risen to 19.

These are persons who came from Austria and Germany.

“The infected are still located in four cities – Zagreb, Rijeka, Varazdin and Pula at the moment. We are monitoring the situation,” Plenkovic said.

Two people are suspected in Split. More testing is underway.

In Italy, 196 people died in 24 hours

Italy recorded the highest deaths from the Covid-19 virus of all other countries outside China, where the outbreak began in December.

In Italy, 12,462 people became infected with coronavirus, of which 2,313 new cases were reported in 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours alone, 196 people have died and a total of 827 people have died from the virus in that country.

Italy is introducing drastic new measures

The Italian Prime Minister announced in a video that all restaurants, cafes and pubs are closed for 15 days. Shops that are not based on business for human consumption are closing.

What they will do are shops and pharmacies. The prime minister also said that he guarantees the continuation of normal traffic and that it will be possible to work for farmers who feed Italy.

It is especially important to continue the production of urgent and intensive supplies, so these activities will also be handled with increased caution.

Hairdressing and other beauty treatment services are closed.

WHO declared pandemic

The WHO has today declared a global pandemic for coronaviruses.

“WHO has been evaluating this epidemic minute by minute, and we are deeply concerned at the alarming rate at which the virus is spreading and the serious condition of the infected,” the WHO chief said at a press conference.

“Therefore, we have decided to announce that the spread of Covid 19 can be characterized as a pandemic,” added Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“Pandemic is not a word we use lightly or negligently. It is a word that, if misused, can cause unwarranted fear or unjustified acceptance of the thought that the struggle is over, leading to suffering and death, ”said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He added that thousands of people are fighting for their lives in hospitals around the world and that the number of people infected and dead in the days and weeks ahead will be even greater.


21:25 The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said New York could take at least six months to get things back to normal after the virus.

21:18 New York annuls parade for St. John's Day Patrick.

9:07 PM All Seattle public schools are closed for a minimum of 14 days.

9:05 pm A press conference is expected on Donald Trump.

20:49 Egypt has seven new cases, 67 in total.

20:45 Denmark closes all schools and universities to stop the spread of coronaviruses. In addition, all public sector officials who are not employed in the necessary places are told to stay home.

20:28 Israel has recorded 15 new cases of coronavirus. There are 97 in the country.

20:27 A fourth coronavirus died in Califormia, the first in Los Angeles County.

20:25 The British Parliament has decided to remain open despite the coronavirus.

20:10 Six more cases of coronavirus have been reported in Italy. A total of 18 people are now infected in the country, the Telegraph reports.

20:02 As AFP reports, the US is considering lifting entry for all Europeans.

7:55 PM Indices in the US fell sharply after another slow day of trading. The Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq fell. The European FTSE 100 index also dropped.

19:51 The eighth person in the UK has died. Previously, two more Britons died outside the territory of that country, so the total number of Britons who died is ten.

19:41 Seventh person has died in the UK as a result of coronaviruses.

19:40 Spain has released new information on coronavirus. There were 2,236 people infected in the country. 54 people have died. Among those infected is Congress Vice President Ana Pastor. Nearly 50 percent are infected in the Madrid region.

19:36 The Russian Coronavirus Crisis Center on Wednesday announced that Russia will suspend most flights to Italy, Germany, France and Spain and incoming flights from those countries because of the coronavirus, and the decision will take effect on Friday.

Russia will no longer issue tourist visas to Italian nationals, the crisis center said in a statement.

The statement said the number of those infected in Russia increased from 20 to 28 on Wednesday and that all persons with whom the coronavirus was detected on Wednesday had previously traveled to Italy.

19:26 India bans entry to the country by virtually all foreigners except diplomatic visas, UN staff and work visas.

Starting Friday, India is essentially banning all foreign tourists, and quarantining anyone who has been to the 7 countries worst affected by coronavirus. India has about 60 cases so far, none of them fatal. pic.twitter.com/vxBB9gRAhe

– Lauren Frayer (@lfrayer) March 11, 2020

Iran's Vice President is positive for coronavirus, BBC reports citing Fars news agency.

Eshah Jahangiri is currently the highest ranking official in the ill country. Ministers of culture and economy also fell ill.

19:20 Guatemala has banned all Europeans from entering the country. There are no infected people in this country yet, and at this step they decided to keep it that way.

19:13 Washington has banned gatherings of more than 250 people.

19:10 Four new cases have been reported in Wales.

7:00 pm Lebanon has closed all restaurants and cafes.

18:50 Saudi Arabia has closed all cinemas.

18:45 Three people aged 73, 86 and 90 have died in coronavirus in Belgium, according to a new statement issued by the Belgian Ministry of Health on Wednesday afternoon, France Presse reports.

In that country, where 314 cases were reported, Health Minister Maggie De Block said in the morning that the coronavirus had made its first casualty.

The 90-year-old, who was hospitalized in Brussels for “severe pneumonia” but also suffered from other ailments, said in a press conference.

18:40 The 60-year-old is the first victim of a coronavirus in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian health ministry said.

The woman was admitted to a hospital in Sofia on Tuesday with acute pneumonia. The coronavirus was also diagnosed with her 74-year-old husband, who is struggling for life, the statement added, Reuters reports.

There have been seven confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in that Balkan country so far.

18:35 Italian police have broken up a large network of mask and disinfectant resellers seeking to make quick and substantial profits on these products, and authorities have begun to sanction violators of measures to ban movement and assembly.

During a search conducted by police on Tuesday at the premises of thirty companies in about 20 municipalities in the region of Bari, Apulia, protective masks, disinfection gel and wet handkerchiefs were seized worth about 220,000 euros, the prosecutor's office added on Tuesday. Read more …

18:32 Poland has closed all cinemas, schools and museums for at least two weeks.

18:30 As Italian media reports, the first man to be infected with a coronavirus in Italy, a 38-year-old from Codogno, is gradually recovering.

Specifically, he was taken off his respirator yesterday and began to breathe on his own. He started talking today, they report.

He first asked what hospital he was at. His wife was eight months pregnant and returned home after suffering a virus a few days ago.

18:25 Democratic Republic of Congo reports first virus case

18:20 Israel has restricted public gatherings to a maximum of 100 people.

18:13 In the last 24 hours, 196 people have died in Italy. Another 2313 people were infected, Italian officials said.

18:10 The first death of a coronavirus has been reported in Ireland.

18:00 All cohorts with more than 100 people are banned from coronavirus on Wednesday, but there is no need to close schools yet, state top and health experts have decided, and a parliamentary election scheduled for April 26 is possible . Read more …

17:50 WHO says Iran is doing the best it can despite the lack of equipment.

17:33 WHO declares coronavirus a pandemic. Read more …


“We have therefore made the assessment that # COVID19 can be characterized as a pandemic” – @ DrTedros #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/JqdsM2051A

– World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) March 11, 2020

17:24 Two more persons from Istria are suspected of having a coronavirus, according to the Istria County Civil Protection Headquarters. They are currently self-insulated and test results are expected tomorrow. Read more …

Germany will not save money to fight coronaviruses, which are likely to infect 70 percent of the population of Europe's largest economy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Wednesday.

“We will do whatever it takes to survive this. And then, eventually, we will see what that means for our budget,” Merkel told reporters, suggesting that she was moving away from a policy of indebtedness.

17:05 Swedish activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday called on climate activists to delay weekly protests over the coronavirus epidemic and told them to “move” planned protests to the internet.

Thunberg attracts a large number of people in protests and public gatherings are banned in more and more countries because of the coronavirus. Read more …

16:55 First coronavirus death reported in Sweden.

16:50 Karlovac high school under supervision, coronavirus suspected in schoolgirl. > More

16:34 Lufthansa cancels 23,000 flights between 29 March and 24 April 4. Most are in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

16:30 Anthony Fauci, an American expert who appeared with Donald Trump at coronavirus press conferences, says things will get worse in America. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

16:20 A passenger from a ship arriving from Ancona this morning told us what was happening upon arrival at the port of Split. He says no one even looked at them. > More

16:01 Here's an overview of the situation in Europe and the world. Read on

16:00 Andrej Plenkovic convened a meeting with the competent ministers and members of the Civil Protection Staff of the Republic of Croatia, which will be held today at 4 pm.

15:28 About 30 trucks are waiting for a sanitary inspector at the Croatian-Slovenian border for seven hours. > More

15:25 The Montenegrin government will not introduce a state of emergency due to coronaviruses. > More

15:20 Forty people from the Marco Polo ferry that came from Ancona this morning are going to the quarantine of Split at the Zagreb Hotel in Split Duilovo. Among them are 12 Croats who could not provide the conditions for self-isolation at home. > More

14:40 Doctor explains how to differentiate between symptoms of allergies, flu and coronavirus. > More

14:41 US expert advises what you can do to avoid getting a coronavirus. Read on

14:40 Plenkovic canceled all pre-election rallies due to coronavirus. > More

14:38 The number of people infected in Pakistan has doubled from ten to twenty in the last 24 hours.

14:21 57 infected in Slovenia, 10 newly infected in two hours

According to the latest information, 57 people are infected in Slovenia. In just two hours, ten are newly infected.

In addition to the elementary school near Ljubljana where the teacher was infected and the children evacuated, the infection also appeared in the gynecological ward of the University Hospital in Ljubljana, which is why the ward was closed.

2270 people were tested. 27 people were infected in Ljubljana, 12 in Dolenjska and Bela krajina, 3 in Styria, 3 in the coastal area and one in Murska Sobota.

14:15 Ukraine closes schools for three weeks and bans gatherings of more than 200 people after just one confirmed case.

13:52 None of the Italians came to Split quarantine. He will probably decide to return to Italy. > More

13:50 Mayors of Istria demand that classes in all schools in the County of Istria be terminated. > More

13:45 344 people were tested in Croatia by 9 March, 49,937 in Italy by the same date, and 6,000 in the Netherlands by 7 March. The first cases of infection in these countries appeared almost at the same time. In Italy, it was reported that the first person contracted the coronavirus on February 21, in Croatia on February 25, and in the Netherlands on February 27. We are also at the forefront of the number of population tested per capita. > More

13:35 Many events in Croatia have been postponed and canceled, here is a new list

13:26 There are currently 382 confirmed cases of contagion in the UK.

13:18 54 new infections have been reported in Sweden.

13:17 There are 958 new infected people in Iran and 63 new dead

There are 958 new cases recorded in Iran, 63 deaths and 228 recovered. In total, 9000 are infected in Iran.

13:16 A third person has died of a coronavirus in Germany.

13:13 First coronavirus infected person dies in Albania. This is a 73-year-old woman who has had severe health complications.

13:11 Serbia bans all gatherings of over 100 people

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announces that he prohibits all gatherings indoors over 100 people – matches, weddings …> More

12:20 BiH closes all schools and colleges for at least 2 weeks

BiH has decided to close all schools and colleges for at least two weeks. > More

11:58 In Slovenia, 47 teachers infected, teacher infected, school closes

According to the latest information, 47 people are infected in Slovenia. Fran Alberecht Primary School in Kamnik near Ljubljana is closing because she is a teacher among the infected. The school closes for 14 days. The school is just being evacuated.

11:55 The savage said online classes were ready if Staff recommended it. > More

Merkel said at the cross-section that experts told her that coronavirus would infect 70 percent of the population. > More

11:25 Austria has stopped all passenger rail service with Italy. In Austria, 131 cases of coronavirus have been reported so far.

11:14 Poland closes all schools

In Poland, all schools close for two weeks. The number infected in Poland is 25.

11:05 The Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed on Wednesday that a ban on the entry into the country of aliens coming from countries hardest hit by the spread of coronavirus has begun.

This ban is said to apply to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea, and partly China, as it applies to people coming from Hubei province, or the city of Wuhan, where the epidemic erupted. > More

11:02 Holiday Week worth canceling, CNTB event that planned to popularize travel within Croatia and reduce the impact of coronaviruses by offering discounts. > More

11:00 Although numerous events are being canceled throughout Europe, as well as in Croatia, the HDZ is not giving up its campaign for party elections. > More

10:58 British Health Minister and Member of Parliament Nadine Dorries positive for coronavirus.

10:55 Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch was interviewed by German journal Der Spiegel, claiming that he assumed “the virus could no longer be stopped” and that drastic measures should be taken. > More

Iran claims US sanctions have made it difficult to fight coronaviruses. Sanctions, they claim, make it harder to get medicines and medical supplies.

Disneyland in Tokyo will not open until at least mid-April, CNN reports. The amusement park in Japan closed on February 29th.

10:25 Six more cases have been confirmed in South Africa, bringing the number of infected there to 13.

10:23 The first death of a coronavirus infected person has been reported in Belgium. The patient was 90 years old.

10:07 Health Minister Beros said he was considering closing the borders. > More

9:30 Jadrolinija has just stopped traffic with Italy. > More

9:14 Moldova closes all schools, kindergartens and colleges. Yesterday, all foreigners from the area affected by the virus were banned from coming to the country. Moldova has registered three cases of infection without death.

8:55 The first coronavirus woman to die in Indonesia. This is a 54-year-old woman. Indonesia has 26 more confirmed cases of infection.

8:53 Mongolia is temporarily closing its border with Russia over coronaviruses.

8:52 AM India has expanded the list of countries that must be put in self-isolation upon arrival. For 14 days, those who come from the following countries must self-isolate: China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, France, Spain and Germany.

8:50 Meetings with more than 250 people will be banned in three counties in the US state of Washington, The Seattle Times reports.

8:40 Labin has introduced special measures that delay everything, closing the cinema, the library, and restricting funerals as well. The National Headquarters is being asked to close schools and kindergartens. > More

8:05 In Serbia, 12 infected

Seven new cases of infection have been confirmed in Serbia. The total number of coronavirus infected in Serbia has increased from five to 12.> More

7:43 There are more than 1000 cases of infection in the US. The number has doubled since Sunday. 31 people have died.

7:25 PM confirmed 16th infected in Croatia, this is a hairdresser who was in Munich. > More

7:23 Ferry from Ancona arrives in Split, 93 passengers are quarantined. > More

6:50 South Korea has confirmed 242 new cases of coronavirus infection, with six more dead.

6:49 Jamaica has confirmed the first case of a coronavirus infection.

A certificate is required to enter Slovenia from Italy from today

Slovenia starts monitoring the border with Italy on Wednesday due to the coronavirus, and all non-Slovenian citizens or permanent residents are subject to controls when entering the country.

To enter Slovenia, foreign travelers will need confirmation that they are not infected with a coronavirus no older than three days.

According to the Slovenian news agency STA, referring to the government's conclusions at a correspondence session, at the Italian-Slovenian border, or in its vicinity, it will be checked whether passengers coming from Italy have a certificate of negative finding on Covid-19 issued by their competent authority .

The certificate must be in Slovenian, English or Italian and must not be older than three days.

Persons without such a certificate may be barred from entering Slovenia, but the control does not apply to freight. Slovenia's health minister will issue an additional provision defining how many hours Wednesday's implementation of entry control will begin, according to a STA statement by the Slovenian government.

The government, on the departure of Prime Minister Marjan Sarac, has announced a decision to close the border with Italy, which will come into force as soon as technical and administrative conditions are in place.

A ban on landing aircraft from coronavirus-affected regions is already in effect at the Ljubljana airport. That decision is valid until the end of the month and will be specified on Wednesday by instructions for measuring the body temperature of passengers.

Due to the coronavirus, two afternoon flights to Belgrade have already been canceled from the airport, a morning flight to and from Frankfurt and an afternoon flight to Brussels and Podgorica in both directions.

Jansa supported the decision to close the border with Italy

The new Slovene government's deputy, Janez Jansa, on Tuesday backed outgoing Prime Minister Marjan Sarac's decision to close the border with Italy.

“I support that decision. In the next few days, we will hold our thumbs that this measure will be able to be implemented by our police and the Ministry of Health in practice,” Jansa said in an interview with Slovenian Television.

The outgoing Sarc government announced that the decision to close the border with Italy would begin to apply as soon as technical and administrative conditions were created. It is not related to the movement of goods, and it was enacted because the quarantine for the whole of Italy was breached.

Jansa also said that co-operation with the outgoing government and the transition of government were good in terms of the virus as well.

Covid-19 is, he said, an “external enemy” who “does not choose the left or the right,” so it must be fought jointly.

Jansa's government is expected to take an oath by the beginning of next week, but Jansa has not ruled out that this process is accelerated due to the current state of the coronavirus and that this is happening this week.

The future Slovenian prime minister advocates the production of protective medical devices for cases of coronavirus infection in Slovenia, for which there is capacity.

“We need to organize ourselves to produce these funds for our own needs and at regulated prices,” Jansa said.

Should the second phase of the spread of coronavirus infection be declared in Slovenia, which is not the case at the moment, a crisis headquarters would begin to operate, involving the entire government, ie most ministers, as well as civil protection and experts, Jansa said.

China's quarantine hotel collapses 26 dead

The death toll of a collapse of a hotel that served as a quarantine for coronavirus-infected people in eastern China on Wednesday morning rose to 26, Chinese media reported.

The Xinjia Hotel in Fujian Province's Quanzhou city collapsed Saturday night, detaining 71 people.

Three people are still being sought, Chinese media reported.

The seven-story building, built just as many years ago, was undergoing renovation of the lower floors at the time of the collapse.

It served as a quarantine for those infected with coronavirus.

In China, the outbreak of the epidemic that has subsequently hit the world, about 80.7 thousand people are currently infected, with more than 3.1 thousand deaths.

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WHO declared pandemic. In Italy in 24 hours 196 dead, in Serbia 18 infected

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