Yesterday stars: Where are they now?(1)

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Yesterday stars: Where are they now?(1)

By Kehinde Oluleye

Some superstars never fade away. They always appear like a permanent part of the show biz firmament. These include celebrity artistes who endowed the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and the turn of this century with the glitter of celebrity and stagecraft. Many of them retain their dazzle even as they age.

This pantheon of renown includes A-listers like Olu Jacobs, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, Pete Edochie, King Sunny Ade, Commander Ebenezer Obey, Adebayo Salami, and Richard Mofe- Damijo among others.

There is no gainsaying their past and current exploits command the resonant tribute of applause every time their faces and work grace the covers of digital and mainstream media.

Far away from the limelight, however, there are several contemporaries of these men and women whose acclaim, though recognizable through past efforts, isn’t as intense as it used to be.

While some have withdrawn entirely from showbiz, others are still trying to reignite their old glories by competing with the younger generation of artistes. Others have ventured into different callings; these include Revd. Ebenezer Obey, Pastor Chris Okotie, scholar and university teacher, Sola Sofudo, and US-based nurse, Regina Askia.

Thus we help you re-enact old memories by the exploits of your favourite show biz and celebrity idols.

Evi Edna Ogholi

Evi Edna Ogholi is a Nigerian female reggae musician, popular for her track, “Happy Birthday.” After the release of her debut album, “My Kind of Music” in 1987, Ogholi attained instant acclaim as a sensational reggae star.

Evi Edna Ogholi

This placed her among the best reggae performers of that time in Nigeria. “Happy Birthday” is one of the evergreen songs of the ’90s and undoubtedly, the most popular song released by the artiste.

It enjoyed airplay at most birthday parties. Ogholi was married to her producer and manager, Emma Ogosi, and the marriage was blessed with two children. The marriage eventually crashed and she moved to Paris, France, where she currently lives.

Mike Okri

Just like Evi Edna Ogholi, Mike Okri was one of the musicians who achieved mainstream success in the late ’80s following the successful release of his debut album, “Concert Fever.”

mike Okri

The “Time Na Money” crooner is one of the biggest artistes of the ’80s and ’90s. He “disappeared” from the limelight at the prime of his career and it was later discovered that he relocated to America.

Felix Liberty aka Lover Boy

Felix Aigbe Liberty aka Lover boy was one of Nigeria’s greatest pop sensations at a point. His love song, “Ifeoma” became the love anthem of a generation of teens and youthful lovers of his era.

Felix liberty

Liberty attained renown at his release of “Ifeoma” and the song ruled the waves for a long time. He later became a born-again Christian in the late ’90s. He is now a pastor.

Kunle Falola aka Dizzy K Falola

Kunle Falola aka Dizzy K Falola was also a superstar in the ’80s. He is now a London-based gospel singer. His racy ’80s hit “Baby Kilode” enjoyed endless radio time and made him the crush of many teenage girls.

Dizzy K Falola

After his first album, he also did “Sweet Music” and “Excuse Me, Baby.” One of his songs, “African Jamboree,” also did well. Dizzy K became born again in 1989 and reportedly turned down an offer by music company EMI to concentrate on gospel music.

Alex Zitto

Alex Zitto started out as a guitarist and played as a bass guitarist for juju legend, Ebenezer Obey. But he is better known for his reggae and pop hits. Although Zitto had been doing his thing quietly for years, he attained fame after winning a music contest and released his hit track, “Tickle Me.”

alex zito

Polygram Records, one of the biggest music labels at the time, subsequently signed him on its platform. While at the label, he released another hit song titled, ‘Walakolombo’ in 1991. Zitto is based in the US.

Alex O

Alex Okoroigwe aka Alex O, is a man of many parts. He is a pop artiste, producer, and songwriter. His biggest hit, ‘Celebrate,” took the market by storm. He was a member of the musical ensemble of late music maestro, Steve Rhodes.


When he left Rhodes, he joined the company of famous producer, Lemmy Jackson (real name Otu Odufa) and worked as a production assistant and songwriter.

By the ’90s, he was signed on by Polygram Records. He is married to Oby Edozie, a Nigerian film actress and producer. He owns a company which operates on the technical side of show biz.

Segun Adewale

Segun Adewale was one of the young juju artistes of the ’70s and ’80s. He was so good that fans and music buffs labelled him a worthy successor to legendary juju maestros, King Sunny Ade and Chief Ebenezer Obey.

The Osogbo, Osun State prince experimented with elements of jazz, pop, funk, reggae in his juju music. Adewale and another juju artiste, Sir Shina Peters, worked with Prince Adekunle, a superstar of the ’70s but they later left to start their own band, Shina Adewale and the Superstars International.

segun adewale

They released nine albums but ended their partnership after disagreements.

Adewale then launched his personal version of juju, which he called Yo-Pop. Adewale is still active in the Nigerian music scene.

Mandy Brown Ojugbana

Mandy Brown Ojugbana ruled the airwaves as one of the few screen divas before the so-called “video vixens” and “sexy prima donnas” became regular features of Nigerian TV screens.

Ojugbana was a very talented musician and radio presenter. Her debut album titled “Breakthrough,” which included hits like a reworked version of Bobby Benson’s “Taxi Driver” was very successful. Ojugbana’s journey into music started in the church.

After her successful debut, she relocated to the United Kingdom (UK), where she worked as a presenter. She is currently in Nigeria working on radio. She presents “Smooth Breakfast with Mandy” on Smooth 98.1 FM.

Ene Oloja

Ene Oloja was one of the pioneer actresses of the Nigerian movie industry. A seasoned and well-read actress, Oloja was one of the stars in one of Nigeria’s most successful soap operas, ‘Cock-Crow At Dawn’ and “Behind The Clouds.”

The programme aired continuously for eight years on the National Television Authority (NTA). She studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan and International Relations and Strategic Studies at the University of Jos. The actress and mom of one moved to the United States, in 1991.

Sandra Achums

Sandra was a popular actress of the ’90s. She is an actress, producer and philanthropist.

sandra achums

Achums relocated from Nigeria to Germany in 2006 and currently lives there with her husband and children. She was in “Deadly Affair,” “Domitilla,” “Gone Forever” and other Nollywood movies.

Yesterday stars: Where are they now?(1)

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